Monday, April 30, 2007

My hair is falling out!

That's my hair after 5 weeks of Afro Kinky braid.That's what was left in the comb after I shampooed and conditioned my hair this weekend.

I can't believe I actually still have hair on my head.
But I do.

You will notice however, the big gap by my temples, which I credit to the weight of the braids on my already weak hairline.
*sigh* The saga continues...


D Trini in Me said...

Afro Chic, I have been there so I know how you feeling. Try vitamin E on the area that are missing and you can also purchase Morgan's Pomade. The MP helps to grow back the hair and also buy the vitamins for skin, hair and nails or you can buy the hair vitamins alone. Natoral is a good brand to get. And do not put back any braids in your hair. Just twist your natural hair. Right now mine is much shorter than yours and it is starting to grow healthy again. You can also steam your hair with castor oil every 2 weeks or you could purchase the Motions line of products - the conditioner they have - CPR is very good in reparing damage hair.
Good luck and let me know how it works out.

Afro could you add me to your links. Thx

-:¦:-·:*""*:·.-:¦:-·* cb *·-:¦:-·:*""*:·-:¦:- said...

I second dTrini's endorsement of the Motions CPR. Really helps with fast repair.

I also agree with her suggestion that you stay away from the braids for a bit.

Afrobella said...

I used Motions CPR for years, and it worked well for me. But I would suggest you use some natural oils. Mix pure coconut oil with vitamin E, or if you can get your hands on some avocado oil... try to use gentle, natural products and your hairline will come back strong. Stay away from harsh products, tight headbands, and constricting styles. I also just bought some hair vitamins, biotin. They were cheap here in the States, and it's supposed to make your hair and nails grow like crazy. Good luck!

Afro Chic said...

Thanks for the tips guys! Haven't used a single one yet though. LOL.
I've just not canerowed my hair since in an attempt to give my hairline esp a rest.

It's now a couple weeks later and the hair is fine and fabuolous as usual. Hairline still a bit thin, but then again it always was a bit scanty...but it's getting better.

jamboulasie said...

I have worn braids off and on for 10 years now. The key is to insist to the braider that you do not want "tight" braids something that is ingrained in them to make the hairstyle "last"... what crap. A guarantee for hairloss you mean... any hairstyle that makes you look like your eyes are being pulled to opposite corners of your face (LOL) is a "tight" hairstyle and never mind their tricks to have you hold the beginning wet it put some soothing lotion... allllllll
still result in stress just tell the lady you will walk out of her chair... you will get an adjustment....FAST! and also another stress remover if you are adding hair to your braids... insist they start the braid with your hair for about two or three passes if they can't do that... walk out!

Becks said...

Hiya! Do update on the hair status i.e. what worked what didn't. I had the exact same problem where my hairline looked pitiful after continous cornrowing (my fault for going back a 2nd, 3rd time). Its growing back but ever so slowly... grrrrrr