Monday, May 14, 2007

10 things about me...

1. I'm very passionate about my hair. And I only came to this realisation recently.
I get really upset/angry/vex when people suggest/imply/insinuate negative things about my hair. hair is natural.
Yes..I have an afro.
No...I will probably never use relaxer in life again. Ever.
Yes...this is how I'm keeping it. is it's natural colour. Would you like to see my pubes?

2. I'm married. With kids. Two boys.

3. I LOVE Carnival.
I love playing mas, going to fetes...everything about it except for the high prices.

4. I can often be found atop my husband's neck in a fete. I kid you not.

5. I have an almost photgraphic memory.
I remember some weird shit and then there are things that I don't remember at all.

6. I have mild self-diagnosed OCD.
The labels of bottles/tubes/tins etc must always face front.
The clothes in my wardrobe are hung by colour, then by sleeve length.

7. I have no pets. Not even a fish.
Even though when I was growing up we had 2 Dobermans, a canary, 7 cats (over a number of years) and an aquarium.

8. My internet alter ego's name is Inirt Lavinrac.

9. I dislike myspace, Hi 5, Facebook and the like, but I'm seriously addicted to Triniscene.

10. My family does not know about my blogs. Or my aliases.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... especially point 1


seche said...

So how do you explain people like Talented and others?
I safe! You know me from school.

Trini Orisha Gyal said...

Rock on with your natural hair!!! I love nothing more than a lovely afo. I apire to join the ranks of fro wearers :)

Mauvaise Langue said...

I cannot imagine you as a on the top of your husbands neck type of person.

Afro Chic said...

What's so interesting about point 1 saks?

seche: I am totally lost by your comment.

Thank you Trini Orisha Gyal!

Yes Mauvaise...and there are pics to prove it too! LOL.

Anonymous said...

You know me and my gutter brain...

My fro doing well.. thanks for asking.


Afro Chic said...

LOL! Gutter brain indeed saks.

Mauvaise Langue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JJ said...

interesting stuff in this list!

want to learn more about #8. sounds like there is a back story there.

oh and regarding #4. yeah. all the power to you gurl. that was me like 8 years ago, my bad back, awful balance and age-related weight gain makes that a no no for me now...but i do admire your longevity! LOL!

Rich~! said...


*mambies all over the thread*

Afro Chic said...

JJ: No back story to it really nah. At least I doh think so. It's an interesting alter ego to say the least.

rich: No mamby!! LOL.

Becks said...

I feel you ever so deeply on number one!! I made a decision to go afro and the more people asked what I was planning/when I was going to do with my hairthe more I loved it. To everyone else it was an interim hairstyle and the more they knocked it the more I fell inlove with it. Now its a full blown love affair...