Monday, September 17, 2007

Eric Jerome Dickey – The Aftermath

After going to the National Library early on Saturday morning and spending most of my morning there with my boys (I hadda remember to post bout dat yes) I came home and fell asleep.

Woke up dotish at 2:30 and found myself trying to remember what day it was that Mr. Dickey was supposed to be in West Mall.

Sleep finally left me and I remembered that he was going to be at West Mall TODAY!! (well Saturday nah). So I got up, had a shower, got dressed, threw the boys into the car and headed to the West.

Reach West Mall only to realise that I ent bring not ONE of the man books with me for him to sign. :S
So I purchased a book there (Thieves’ Paradise) and got in the line.

The line wasn’t too long, and as expected it was mainly ladies. Some came with what looked like all the Dickey books that they had ever purchased for the man to sign, real dog-eared up and cover falling off and ting eh!

I find that was a little excessive.

Anyhoo, I stood in line, and had mummy on stand by to take my picture with him. My turn reach and I go and sit next to him.

Convo went something like this:

EJD: Hey, so how are you today?

Me: I’m good.

EJD: So what’s your name?

Me: Afro Chic...A-f-r-o C-h-i-c.

EJD: That’s a nice name. *signs my book “For Afro Chic. Much love to you. EJerome D 09/14/07 Trinidad.*

Me: So how have you been enjoying your stay so far?

EJD: They’ve been working me to death man! LOL. *cute smile*

Me: *swoon* (HA! No I didn’t swoon)

Me: Okay. Is this your first visit to Trinidad?

EJD: Nah…I’ve been here before.

*he hands me back my signed book*

Me: Okay cool. Can I just have my mom take a picture of me with you?

EJD: No problem,

So he hugs me, smiles and poses for the picture. I smile.

And then my mom’s phone rings ans she answers it. :S
She tells the person to hold on and gets ready to take the picture.

And then the battery in my mom’s camera dies. :(


At least I got a pic of him when I sat down.

So I’ve met one of my favorite authors, now it’s just to meet James Patterson and John Grisham. :D


Geisha said...

I jealous :(

Okay maybe not, cause in my mind I'm just as famous as he is :)

Now I just need to get paid to write.

Geisha said...

I like this blue look tuh de blog.

~Afro Chic!~ said...

I just hope when that time comes (when you get paid to write that is) I doh have tuh join no long ass line to get my book sign eh!

And yeah...ah gave the blog a small upgrade in colour...thanks.