Monday, March 15, 2010

And de Boleface Award goes to...

So I wake up Sunday morning and after giving thanks for waking up to see another hot, steamy day, I grab for Halle (my Blackberry).

I check out twitter for my news updates and of course check my Facebook account.

Only to see that Saucy has posted a link to Carnival Glitz Fan Page on Facebook that is using MY (SEXY) LEGS to pimp their sales of Carnival tights! Now this is MY personal photo which I sent to Saucy for her to use on HER blog eh, which she did here.

I eh go even talk bout the fact that they selling them tights for a ridiculous markup even after yuh convert from Jamaican to TT dollars.

I mean I could fully understand that yuh using that pic to sell yuh thing eh, cause dem sexy legs could sell PLENTY tights!

But yuh gone and take the photo from the site without permission (Saucy confirmed this) and use it on yuh Fan Page boleface so! Even though it have all kinda disclaimer saying that if you want to use the people thing, please send an email.

I subsequently sent a message to the young lady whose Fan Page it is and asked her to remove the photo of meh legs, please and thanks, which she did.

This is not the first time something like this has happened, (remember the Newsday episode?) and I'm sure it won't be the last. But people come nah man, just send and ask for permission nah, oh gosh!


cute dougla said...

I am also selling tights in JA and place a post on The bacchanl Jamaica FB group informing persons to message me if they needed carnival tights of which said young lady is the administrator. You know she removed my post, bold faced so...then last week some people put up another post asking persons on the fb group to support a Jamaican soca artiste (that is another story) and she remove all those posts the people (soca junkiez) real blast her on their group. So I am not surprised she did this...

didatrini said...

LOL! That is realllll boldface in truth. So question? I visited d original link where Saucy posted it in 2007 and I am wondering does that mall still exist? LOL...and do they still sell those tights cause I need to stock up on some. I bought Caramel tights w shimmer from Micles for $120 TT this year and they were busted up within 20 mins as soon as I sat and my waistband attacked them. At that price I was pissed because I did not get the cheaper $40 tights.

I am in the US but my mother is coming down TT soon so if this place is still around I will probably go send her scouting to get some for me :)


afro chic said...

Thanks for that lil inside scoop cute dougla.

That is the next thing didatrini! Cause to my knowledge the mall does exist as does the store, but thatt particular brand of tights has been discontinued! LOL. I wondering what brand tights she selling?

The tights I used this year were the low waist Diane tights in the green packaging, they are available at Samaroo's for $29.99 (yes TT dollars). They stood up great on the road and I got zero tears/runs.