Thursday, October 28, 2010

D'Krewe Rhythms - The Aftermath

Date: Saturday 23rd October 2010
Location: YMCA Wrightson Road, Port of Spain
Cost: Free

When I first heard that D'Krewe's launch was moved from Ariapita Avenue to YMCA, I honestly had second thoughts about attending. That area has absolutely NO parking, and this was evident when I got to YMCA and had to park on the road, despite being invited as media.

At the entrance to the venue, we were greeted by drumming that set the tone for the launch. I found the venues to be very dark, I thought the lights at the venue should have been turned on for the event...(I cannot people-watch good in the dark!).

After milling about in the dark a bit, I got the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see the costumes before they hit the stage, and was impressed. While there was no costume to match the gorgeousness of my Kindred Spirit costume of this year, the costumes were looking good for the most part.

After numerous promises and announcements by the dj, Mark Anthony (with his perfectly stenciled on beard and moustache) came on to introduce the presentation. D'Krewe opened with dancers, however unlike previous years these dancers didn't seem as coordinated. After the dancers left the stage, it was time for the costumes.

Rhythm of Drums

This section was well received by the patrons, with lots of ohhh, ahhs and I think I heard a few "yummy's" in there as well. It was also one of my favorites when I saw it backstage. I loved the use of the spandex in the costume and headpiece. I am not a fan of the bra and belt design however, and those spandex arm sleeves are very dated, reminds me of when I used to play with Wayne Berekly in the early 90's, that was a staple in ALL his section.


I like this colour combo, the men section is simple but very nice I thought. I like the small backpack with the bonnet feathers and love the larger version on the frontline. It looks very sturdy and comfortable.

Dust in Yuh Face

This section came on so fast I barely had time to snap a pic of it. It's not in my top three but it's a nice costume with familiar elements in the fabric styling and braid used. The male costume is sad.

D Rhythm of Art

While I like the male version of this costume, I think this section is out of place in the band. The female costume is kind blah to me as I've seen that style many times before, and I'm not feeling it. I think the backpack should be an option for the females as well, but that it should also be more substantial, it seems out of proportion to me. A bigger guy wearing that would get lost.


I like the shape and design on the bra, but I do not like the use of the the darker shade of blue for the base of the bra and the bikini. Again the use of the spandex on the belt of the female costume was nice, but the colour is off here as well. I would love to see a frontline for this section. The male costume is good, I like the collar and belt.

Iron and Steel

The curly whirly pieces on the female costume looked was an interesting element I thought. Another section that could do with a frontline with a super duper headpiece. Another sad male costume.

Rhythm of Style

As someone with an err...ample midsection I liked the corset option featured with the section. I also like the style of the costume. I just think it is way too much of this pale purple/lavender colour. Too much purple for me. The male costume does not match the section name in the least.

Rhythm in Blue

Another of my top three picks, I love the frontline, but I doh think those two scraps of fabric on the arms are needed. The backline costume is okay, but again, I could do without the fabric pieces. The male costume is quite boring in comparison.

Rhythm in Flight

One of my favorite sections, I would dear say my outright favorite. I like the colour combination and all the variations, backline, frontline and in between. The male section is perfect for those who are looking for more than the average male costume. Seeing some familiar styles and elements used here as well, but they were executed well.

Rhythm of Dance

This was presented as a section at the launch but I was later told that this section was for the dancers in the band only, which kinda saved me from having to critique this costume. *phew* I do think though, that once the national colours are being used, they should be properly represented.


A very vibrant costume in pink, green and gold that wasn't captured too well with my camera. A male was not featured however.


I'm not getting what the name has to do with the overall theme, but I do love the backpack on the frontline version of this costume, and this is also one of my top three picks. The belt piece of the frontline costume could do with some changes, like that black piece sticking up toward your stomach. I like the orange and black beading used on the monokini and bikini option as well. The male costume is pretty generic.

Generally I liked the costumes presented, however, it seemed as if the models did not practice on the stage and this resulted in many of them leaving the stage too early and photographers (me at least) not getting enough shots of the costumes section by section.

I think the launch also lacked a certain level of professionalism, there were no real 'perks' (parking, exclusive veiwing of costumes etc) to being media except for the viewing of the costume backstage, and we had to ask if this was possible as it was not offered as an option. Maybe I've just been spoiled by other launches.

Overall I give the launch 3.5 drumbeats out of 5.

You can check out more pics of D'Krewe's Rhythms on my photobucket album HERE or on my Facebook album HERE.


Trinidad Carnival Diary said...

Great review! I agree with your choices even though for me the costumes with all the feathers have elements I have seen before. Rhythm of Flight has the male chest piece that was used in Brazilian Macaw, the beak on the headpiece was done to death by Richard and Anthony in Birds of a Feather and I am getting a hint of Loulan in the Headpiece. Clearly that designer is a fan of Richard and Anthony LOL.

Empath said...

A pretty accurate review....even though they had to change venues last minute I still felt that they could have 'spruced' up the venue...It was wayy too darl and several people fell into a drain that was near to the bar area.

For the costumes...I find most of them do not fit into the theme...and I think its because of the feathers.
My favourite is the rhythm of art...but I think the male backback should be shaped differently.

Tempo is FIERCE but is wayy too similar to Tribe's Amazonia.

Iron and Steel female is really nice.

Dust in yuh face (female) looks too similar to Kindred spirit.

All in all, nice costumes and kudos to Dkrewe for having a free band launch with complimentary stage and carib!

redgirl said...

im loving 50% of the costumes, i feel most the males lack alot.

i think my top 3 are
1, Ramajay
2, Rhythm in Flight
3, Erotica

Saucy i think your comments come accross a little biased as they always do, i realise who the designer is of this section is that guy from Bachanal Mas your comments are aimed at its quite sad, yes i see a similarity in shape to the male collar to BM male but this one has a shed load more feathers and more visual impact oh and its yellow, the beak thing we where else you going to put a birds beak? the hint of Loulan i dont see at all, but i guess any band who does a bird costume takes the risk of being compared to the beloved Tribe!

i think slowly but surely you are using your credibility at being un biased there was how many sections you could have picked at but you almost seem to target this guy why is that?

anyway i wish him the best of luck, he coming from the UK and doing a section for the first time and from talk i see on more credable blogs and FB his section seems to be top picks in Dkrewe.

afrochic excellent review and true to word totally un biased opinion, i commend you for that! :-) you made it easier for me to pick my costume for 2011

Trinidad Carnival Diary said...


I had no clue who the designer of that section was, sorry, thanks for letting me know now it all makes sense.

And I KNOW for sure I have NEVER said I was "unbiased". I have categorically stated that I play with TRIBE, have been playing with them for the past 6 years and therefore I will have a bias towards them.

Please see my interview on Outlish magazine as I reiterated that fact once again.

My blog is my own personal Carnival experience. I am not being paid to toe the line and make nice with any or all of the bands ( none of them are paying me anyways).I call it like I see it

The rest of the sections I honestly do not have a problem with, I cannot put a finger and say X costume looks like something I have seen before even if there is a familiarity. However that yellow and blue section I could point out the references to Richard and Anthony's work.

As for where to put a beak, take a look at Peter Minshall's Hummingbird or Island People's Kingfisher for reference. Yes, everything does not have to look like Blue Tanager or Brazilian Macaw, a style that has been already copied to death! Richard and Anthony should be getting royalties :)

It is interesting that Empath also mentioned a costume that he/she finds similar to TRIBE yet you pick on me for saying the same thing and have nothing to say about that.

And good for all the other more "credible blogs" out there. I don't understand why, if my blog is not even "credible", why do you care what I think or what I have to say anyways!

redgirl said...

big stinking yawnnnnnn.

i cant even be bothered to entertain your shallow feather n gem filled head with an explaination.

Trinidad Carnival Diary said...

And yet you are STILL responding to lil ole, inconsequential, no credibility me.. explanation necessary that in itself speaks volumes lol!

Empath said...

ladies, ladies please calm down.

I think the issue here is that TRIBE's Bird of a feather was such a legendary presentation - yes it was bikini and feathers BUT you saw the theme. Any other band/ section with a bird motif will be compared to TRIBE's 2009 presentation. Heck Genesis' the nest is being compared to TRIBE (but that is another story by itself *shudder* *shudder*)