Friday, January 20, 2012

What Devon Matthews Do?

I want to know what it is Devon Matthews do to the Soca Bigwigs. Seriously.

For Carnival 2012, Devon Matthews has SEVEN soca songs that I know about. And of that seven, I like about six nd a half of them. But yet, Devon nowhere to be seen in the list of semi-finalists of the Groovy or Power Soca Monarch competition.

What happened?
He didn't enter?
He choose the wrong songs?
The Soca Monarch people have something against him?
He didn't pay his mafia dues?
What going on?

And what makes it even more perplexing to me, if the fact that I seeing names like...Lima Calbio? Gary Cornder? Prestan Andries? Who are they? What they singing? Now I'm not hating and saying they don't deserve to be there eh, well maybe I am, but if they there, Devon could more than be there. That's all I'm saying.

For those of you who do not know who Devon Matthews is or what he singing, take a listen to the songs posted below and tell me if you haven't heard them on the radio and/or found yourself singing along to them and/or if you won;t be jamming on the road to them when they get played.

Devon boy, send me an email and tell me what you do them nah. I promise I won't tell anybody.


Push It

Take It Off

Gimme De Wine


All Night

Jam On De Pavement

P.S. Devon Matthews is not my family or friend, I have never even met the man. I just think he is an artist who has consistently produced good work and has been overlooked time and time again.


bandwagonist said...

i find it kinda disrespectful to ask who some of the artistes are.. coz in reality who d heck is Devon other than a Radio DJ... i get yuh upset yet... i just pulling yuh leg... if you like Devon please continue to give him your support... i hold no brief for any one artiste and if you follow my blog you may already know that i have serious issues wit SOCA Monarch/Caribbean Prestige Promotion/Production... just support d artistes you like but dont try to make it seem that any one of the others are any more insignificant... please...

Empath said...

I would love to know what Lima Calbio sing...cause I aint hear it either...anyways we all know soca mafia has its tentacles in wonder every year less and less soca veterans enter soca monarch.

afro chic said...

Actually San, I know who all the artists are that I listed. And I just pulled those names from the Soca Monarch listing while doing the posts as they are some of the lesser known artists.