Monday, January 30, 2012

Soca Monarch Semi-Finals Aftermath - The CNC Edition

After watching the Semi Finals of the International Soca Monarch competition last night, and cracking up with my peeps on Facebook, I thought it may be a good idea to jot down some thoughts that the organisers, entertainers and CNC3 should take note of for next year.

*unfolds paper with list*

1. Never ever again have CNC air this show. Whether it be delayed or not. NEVER. Find someone else to give/sell the rights to.

2. Stop picking "entertainers" (I use this term loosely here) just to make up a list. More than HALF the people who were there, should not have been. (Not calling any names this time).

3. Stop the farce of having people draw for positions. Just tell them the day and start time so they know what day to show up.

4. Never ever again, cut off the Mighty Shadow. EVER. Penalise him if need be, but don't cut him off. That is just damn disrespectful to a performer of his caliber.

1. There's a little something called branding.This was supposed to be in International show! Hang up a little banner with your name/logo/something so people when they tune in will see who airing the show...or maybe you all were too shame.

2. Hosts should know what going on.
They should know who coming up next without having to look at a mash up fold up piece of paper.
They should look like they have proper credentials and not be in front a fence looking like they didn't get their media passes.
They should have an accent that I can identify with as a Trinidadian watching the show.
They should not get distracted by half naked performers Lil Kim inspired outfits. (im just saying)

And finally...


1. Stop using the following phrases immediately:
"Gimme a one drop"
"Anybody from [insert country/city here]"
"Lemme see yuh hand in de air!" and/or "Put yuh two hand in de air"

2. Stop shouting. Sing.

3. Stop singing over tracks. Just sing.

4. Use your backup dancers and props wisely. Sometimes they are really unnecessary. You don't need folding tables from Pricesmart for the girls to wine up on unless your song is about shopping by Pricesmart. (Remember the year Benjai placed third in the finals with NO props?)

5. Pay those winer girls and backup dancers well for embarrassing themselves so soundly in front of thousands.

and most importantly entertainers...

6. STOP TOTING. Nobody came to see or hear you tote. Nobody care. All we want to do is enjoy your performance and wine down low.


Unknown said...

Yes, totally agree. If I might add, the entertainers need to stop saying they going to win this competition or put yuh hand up if you think I deserve to win. When Denise Belfon said, see you in the finals, my son said "She going?"

ttshells said...

AC... this post summarised my thoughts completely! That toting thing, and cutting off dare they!!!!!!
Then to top it off by the farce of pulling for performance order, and after position 4 it was a free for all...the pain of watching it on CNC3.

Empath said...

THAT SHOW WAS POOR! But is carnival...and all of that is jus part of the bacchanal.

That white girl who was doing the interviews needs to go...she is tres annoying and kept cutting off the other guy.

Why draw for spots when the contestants came as they pleased. IT IS A COMPETITION...yuh doh perform in yuh alotted slot you are DISQUALIFIED...DE END!

All of them were shouting except probably machel.
Plenty of them voice was cracking again from shouting.
Those who sang their 2 songs (groovy and power) back to back....sounded very strained...which is strange considering the perfom multiple songs in a fete...

Rich~! said...

You better be selling those "doh tote" jerseys. You could make a mint.

afro chic said...

LOL@Unknown. Plenty of them say that and I was left wondering where they thought they going too.

Hear nah ttshells, my personal FB page had over 300 comments from my friends about the disaster that was CNC3's coverage

Empath from what I read today, the local white girl say they called her the day before. I eh know if she woulda been less annoying if they had given her more notice.

Rich I making one to wear to the show on the night :)