Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beauty is Pain - The Eyelash Aftermath

My friends all know that I am a firm believer in the whole "beauty is pain" thing. Well this Carnival certainly tested that.

I had my eyelashes done on the Tuesday before Carnival. It was my first time doing individual lashes, as I usually do the eyelash strips. Everything was fine except for a few lashes that fell out in during the week.

Fast forward less than a week later to Carnival Monday and the eyelashes on my right eye aren't all there, and I couldn't get to the girl before to have her fix them for me. So I decided to pluck out the eyelashes one by one. Cool.

Went to put on my makeup now and told my friends and family who were in the house " eyes a bit cloudy boy." Thinking it may have been my contacts, I went, rinsed them over and put them back in but same thing, cloudy eye. Small ting, I figured it would clear up on its own, I made sure to walk with my re-wetting drops for my contact lens.

Met the band and everything was fine, but as the day progressed, my eye got steadily cloudier and kept tearing up. It felt as if there was a file in front my eyes. Just before we crossed the stage, I asked Saucy how the eye looked and she said it looked swollen. I told my peeps that I would go home (St. James) after we crossed the stage and wash my face and flush my eyes out.

After we crossed the stage, I did just that. I was fortunate to get a taxi that dropped me straight in front my door (for an exorbitant price of $70, but I was desperate and my eye was getting worse). 

I got home, washed my face, flushed my eye and no improvement. So I said ok, I'll take a lil rest and see what happens. I took a small nap, woke up and still no improvement. And this point in time, I was starting to get a lil panicky and the eye had now started to feel like there was gravel in it.

My hubby had cut his day short in YUMA to come home and take care of me. We tried eye drops in the eye which burn like if he put pepper sauce in my eye. After going to the drugstore and getting some eye wash, I washed the eye and fell asleep. Waking up this time there was still no improvement and I went into extreme hysterics thinking I was going blind and demanding that my hubby Google my symptoms and/or/also call St. Clair Medical to find out how much was the cost of a visit there.

I eventually ended up in the emergency room at St. Clair Medical at about 6:00pm on Carnival Monday night. After examining me the doctor on duty determined that the glue from the eyelashes had landed on my eyeball and I had an allergic reaction it it. My eye was doused with saline to flush out whatever was in it and they put in some drops that numbed the eye and eased up the pain. I also got a prescription from the doctor on duty which we were unable to fill at three different drugstores as it had been "discontinued for the past 3-5 years" :|

The pharmacist at Superpharm gave me two alternatives to use as well as some allergy medication. I went home, took the meds, and by 3:00am Carnival Tuesday morning, I had my eyesight back! Needless to say I was extremely happy that I would be able to make it out on the road in my super fabulous costume later that morning.

So yes, beauty is pain, but meen want to ever experience that kinda pain again, and I'll stick to my adhesive strips in the future :)


shells said...

ohhh wow...that sounds absolutely awful to go through! Glad that you've survived with your eye-sight returned.

The things one endures eh...

Mandy V said...

Oh dear... I have been doing eyelashes for the past few months. The girl who does mine does not use the eyelash glue because of that same thing.. apparently it is an irritant. She uses hair bond glue and it last two weeks.. until it kinda gets loose and then I use conditioner to soften it an gently remove. Sorry about your experience chick..