Monday, February 27, 2012

A.M. Bush - The Aftermath

Date: Carnival Saturday 2012
Location: Chaguaramas
Cost: $450

 I really didn't want to write this review eh.
Cause this J'ouvert party was DE WORSE!
The end.

Nah...ah lie.
It wasn't really.

I really didn't want to write this review because of how BESS this J'ouvert party was. It was so bess that I fraid it will be over subscribed next year.

I have only ever played J'ouvert once in my life and that was way back when I was 15 years old...and I hated it. I hated the darkness, the cold, the mud/paint etc. And I never tried it again after that.

So what made me do a J'ouvert party? Friends nah. All of us were supposed to play mas together in Bliss, but then some of us changed bands to K2K/Fantasy etc. So we decided this would be the one event that all of us could meet and lime in.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, we packed away our cameras and phones in ziplock bags and car pooled our way to Chaguaramas where we parked by Samaan Park and were shuttled to the 'secret location'.

From the time we jumped on the shuttle, the vibes started. The maxis was playing soca at the highest decibels and people was wining in the maxi.

As the shuttles stopped and we jumped out the maxi, we spotted our crew one time and after all the hug up and greetings, the ting start one time. When Machel sang Vibes Cyar Done this year, I think he sang it for this party. Cause form the time we got there to the time we left it was nuff vibes.

Oh gosh you here too?!

So how the J'ouvert party works is this, we party and wine dong low in the secret location until the sun comes up, then we head out onto the road. Basically that's it. While waiting for day break, is level cho wine, drinks and paint.

Chipping outta de bush

1. Drinks
I eh know bout the alcohol, I think Single Barrel ran out and my friends had to drink Black Label  instead. Being the designated driver I had coke and juice, except for the shot of Patron from a fellow partygoer.

Once we made it out of the secret location, we had sandwiches to eat. Hops and saltfish, and hops and something else that I cannot remember now. The saltfish was bess and they weren't limiting you really to how many you could take. Some of us *cough* had at least two.

3. Paint
You get your paint in some of those small BlueWaters bottles. We started off with black, then came orange, red and blue. And every man jack who pass through our group had to get paint.

4. Buckets
At some point in time, just before we started heading out of the bush, someone came and dropped off empty Ozone soap powder buckets. People had buckets on dey head, used it as a receptacle for their drinks, used it to hold their drinks and to hold larger quantities of paint.


5. Music
BESS! I had no complaints with the music, except for one moment when we were heading out on the road and I heard Rihanna singing bout finding love in a hopeless place, when all people wanted was to cho wine all over de place.
We also had honorary Trini, Beenie Man in attendance as well as, straight off his Groovy and Power Soca Monarch win, Machel Montano. They entertained us with a medley of both their songs on the way out of the bush.

6. Bathrooms
The theme for Caesar's Army was "Me Tarzan, Me Jane" and due to the long lines to use the porta potties, when nature called, we really had to go "Me Jane and utilise the surrounding bushes.

Kudos to Caesar's Army for having a cleanup crew, so as we moved off, they were picking up empty bottles of paint, used cups etc so the venue was left clean.

Overall Caesar's Army A.M. Bush J'ouvert gets 6 cho wine out of 5 for me. It was EPIC!
De jabjab fork cho wine all on de pole


Trinidad Carnival Diary said...


HQ said...

I heard about this one! Sounds like a great time, but I am addicted to my Cocoa Crew, don't know about getting dutty twice in the season. LOLOL

shells said...

Heard about this from sooo many, foreigners included...but shhhhhh, I'll say no more!

afro chic said...

Shhh...doh let people hear bout it.


analiesef said...

lol I must mention that people using their buckets as a holder for their bottles of paint made it very easy for certain other people *cough* to steal said bottles of paint :D