Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Writer's Block

It has been WAY too long since last I penned an update. And as I check my blogging stats in my dashboard I am shocked to see that I have a total of 7 posts in drafts, waiting to be completed and published. And every so often I bouncing up someone who asking me "What appen to your blog?" *sigh*

I can't say I've been busy with my son and his cancer, even though I kinda have been. 
I can't say I've been busy since I resumed my classes at COSTAATT, but I kinda have been.
I can't say I've been busy at work self, that would definitely not be true.

And is not that things not happening with me, real things going on. Is school, is hospital, is PTA,  is triathlon...all kinda thing! I just have not felt like writing. Plain and simple. Plus it so easy to just snap a pic now and upload it instead of the sitting down to blog. 

Look it's band launch time again and I now realise I eh even post my reviews from last year self! SMH.

While I missed most of the band launches last year for personal reasons, this year I hope not miss any, and will definitely be putting in my two cents of the costumes and options for Carnival 2014!

Anyhoo, hopefully this post is a sign I'm over the lil writer's block and will be blogging more frequently for the rest of this year.

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