Monday, July 08, 2013

Kicking Cancer's Ass!

"I cannot do the biopsy, there is nothing there"
Those were the words of my son's surgeon when he went in last week to get a sample to biopsy of the 'mass' that they had seen on his PET scan. 

The only thing I did not do was a backflip and shout WOOT! WOOT! in the waiting room of the operating theatre.

My son had a very invasive surgery done called a thoracotomy to come to this conclusion, but he is now at home recovering. 

He has a 10 year follow up programme. For the first year when re-occurrence is highest, he has to go to this oncologist every month and do a CT scan every 6 months. In the second year, he has to go every other month, third year every three months and so on. So he will be a man of 22 when his follow up is completed.

Needless to say our family is extremely happy, and can;t wait to have him back to 100%!

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