Monday, June 18, 2007

Is natural hair back in style?

This was the question posed to me by a woman last Friday.

I was minding my own business as per usual, on my way to a meeting and this woman stops me to ask, "Is natural hair back in style or something?"

The look on my face probably said it all, cause she quickly added, "because you're the third person today who I've noticed with their hair natural and it looks so nice. One was in a ponytail and one was like yours (mine was in my usual for work, a huge afro puff)."

She then went on to explain to me that her hair is natural as well (she had in braids) and she just didn't know how to wear her hair or what to do with it, as it was thicker when she was younger and now it's a lot finer etc etc etc.
Being the ever gracious Afro Chic that I am (LOL), I told her that for me going natural wasn't about style and was more about just getting rid of my relaxer and spending money to go do my hair every 6 weeks.

I told her also that there are lots of resources on the internet that she could go to and get lots of information on what to do with her hair. I suggested the only two I could remember off the top of my head Motown Girl (which helped me out a LOT in the earlies and even now) and AfroBella.
The woman seemed extremely grateful to have her question answered and kept gazing at mine and telling me how beautiful it looked.
I finally had to excuse myself cause he was going to make me late for my meeting.


D Trini in Me said...

I had to chuckle with that question, "Is natural hair back in style?." You handle it very well because my first question to her would of been, "take your braids out and I will let you know"
I wonder why are people so afraid of being natural?

Afro Chic said...

De look I give that woman said it all I think.

In style indeed. LOL.

HQ said...

That's wonderful. She must have felt so lonely. Living in Brooklyn, I just can't imagine that feeling! LOL. Everyone has a natural or locks here, or at least it seems.