Friday, June 22, 2007

Two random things I just remembered…

And they can be added to my 10 things about me list.

1. I got knocked down by a car once.
I was holding my first born who was 6 months old at the time.
The driver didn’t see me because he was busy talking to the people in the backseat.
I saw him coming at me and couldn’t move out of the way in time.
So I turned my body away from the car while hugging my baby on me.
I hugged his head and held him close to my body.
When the car hit me I fell to the ground and ended up with some cuts and bruises.
Nothing happened to my baby though.

2. When I was about 7 months pregnant with my first born, I got locked in the bathroom stall at work.
The lock on the stall had been giving trouble for several weeks and we had told them about it but no one took us on.
I used to avoid going into it.
But this particular day, I had to pee really badly and it was the only stall available.
So I got in, peed, and could not get back out.
While I’m not claustrophobic, I don’t particularly like being in small places.
No one else was in the stall and this was in the days before every Tom, Dick and Harry had a cellphone with them at all times, so no one knew I was locked in.
I took some tissue, wiped the floor just inside the door and the floor just outside and slid under.
Then I washed my hands and went and reported the locked stall to the supervisor.

No stories about my second son because I was more careful then. LOL.


saucydiva said...

7 months pregnant and you slid under the stall :|. Wow. And being knocked down!? What did the driver say? Thank God your natural instinct was to protect the baby.

Afro Chic said...

Yes Saucy...I slid under the stall. I wasn't staying in that toilet! LOL.

The river at the time went to the police station and claimed responsibility but then came back and said that I RAN across the road!!

It ended up by a private investigator who did his own inquiries.

The driver had to end up paying not only my medical bills as he had promised, but a couple thousand in 'punitive' damages as well.

Mummylicious said...

Hi chic, I walk in Republic Bank the other day and see a hot Afro walking out the opposite door in front me and I thought to myself, 'I know that swagger'. Loves it! I about to buy mehself a glue gun so include me in that business plan for dem boots there, we can sell them on the main road come carnival.