Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let's wait and see...

I love reading blogs about people's experiences with their natural hair.

It's especially helpful on days like today when I feel like cutting off my hair. Yes again.

The last time I cut off all my hair (big chop #I've lost ocunt) was in October last year.

Since last colouring it about 3 weekends ago, I've decided to give it a rest from the colour for a while.

My hair's texture is just not feeling right somehow these days, and I think it's because of the colouring.

So I'll give it a rest and wait and see.

Some hair blogs I discovered recently:


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain Chic.....I am also going through it right now, I lve in NYC and the humidity does a major upset on my hair texture. I have resulted to just keeping it in a bun off my face and neck. I get very tempted to do a big chop off...but I must confess that I like my big fro'

D Trini in Me said...

I'm natural also so I know what you mean. I have lost count on how many times I woke up out of the blue and chop my hair off. Cutting my hair is my stress relife. If I'm stress, I cut. Bad habit I have.

Anonymous said...

I myself have been natural but short for the last 5 years but this last year I have allowed my hair to grow out. It is a challenge getting to know your hair as it seems to change with weather, hormones, who knows. I have found these two websites very helpful. www.afrobella.com and www.motowngirl.com. They actually try different products and give reviews on them. Check it out. Happy reading.