Friday, August 10, 2007

Allyuh explain meh please... Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon having a children's show?

Exactly which one of her hits she going to sing? Hmmm...let's see...

Maybe Bicycle Wine...I mean lots of kids ride bikes.
Ahhh...Wine like a Dog..lots of kids have dogs too.
What about Kakalaylay?
Hmmm...Rose and de Stem?
Jammette perhaps?

Now I doh have nuttin with Saucy eh...I LOVE tuh see de woman perform.
Ah mean de woman could move.
I wouldn't mind taking some classes from she and all if she had dem.

But exactly what she go be singing and how will she be performing for these children, is what I concerned about.
Cause as far as I know, is only one kinda songs Saucy does sing...Rude.
And as far as I know is only one way she does perform...Lewd.

Oh gorm wait! Ah wonder what she going to wear!!

Anyhoo...the show is at the Jean Pierre Complex, I'm not too sure about the day, and tickets are available at Trendy Kids Arima and Capital Plaza.
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Mauvaise said...

She is probably going to tone down her act like she did at a concert some years back, when she wore a full length dress and sang gospel.
But I still can't see the children's show.
Supporting acts?

Afro Chic said...

Even if she tones done her act...she planning on toning down her songs too?

It have some people just should not have a children's show or perfrom in children's shows. She is one of them I find.

Blackie is another one.

Mani said...

Afro Chic, same thing went through my mind gyul. I was thinking Belfon of ALL people. I think I will be more worried about the parents that will actually send their children to the show, though. God knows it have parents out there who shouldn't mind chicken let alone children who wouldn't think twice about sending their children there.