Friday, August 10, 2007

Carefree Hair Remover: GREAT on legs, not so great on armpits

A couple weeks ago, I bought this Carefree Hair Removal thingy at the Johnson & Johnson sale.

The girl SWORE it works great! So I bought it and tried it on my legs and it worked GREAT!

So I tried it on my pits yesterday...the actual creme itself smells kinda like relaxer and when I put it on it smelled really icky and made my pits tingle just a slight bit. I said well okay, it's a chemical, dat go happen.

After about 3 minutes, I used the no blade thingy to get it off and that shit started to BURN. I mean like WOW.

So I continued to scrape it off, (the hair was coming off nice and easy) until it was all gone, then had to jump into the bathroom and hurriedly remove the remaining creme and what not.

My armpits were still burning slightly even after I had washed the thing off. :? I didn't want to further aggravate it by adding deodorant, so I put some Vaseline under my arm, then applied the deodorant.

This morning I woke up to my pits burning again and starting to look like how they were looking a few months ago when they started mutating.

The instructions on the hair remover say nothing about not using it under your arms (thank goodness I eh try it on my poor vajayjay!), it just says for external use only, do not swallow, do not use on irritated areas, do not exceed 10 minutes application of you can get a chemical burn.

Works GREAT on the legs though. My legs are still smooth from a couple weeks ago when I used it.


D Trini in Me said...

Girl...I do not think any of the creams are to be used under your arms. Go get them wax next time.

Afro Chic I caved in with my natural hair on 8/10/07. :(

Afro Chic said...

I've never used these creme before, I just always use a good old dependable razor. And I figure if it could work on my legs, why not my armpits? *sigh*

On the natural hair: :(

N said...

Afro, I have the same problem so whenever I buy hair remover (nair etc) i always buy the sensitive skin version. The regular version is too stong for the skin under your arms....