Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Renovations Update: Are We There Yet?

So here's the update...

Tiling started on Wednesday and finished on Friday.
My tiles look FAB! and my bathroom is now my favorite room in the house.

Bathroom tiled and toilet installed

My plumber came on Sunday and started installing the toilet and the shower. He has to come back this week and put in the sink and finish up his part.

My ceiling was started on Thursday last week and when I got home I was very pleased to see that most of the rooms in the house were done. The ceiling looked GREAT.

Ceiling in living/dining/kitchen area

Then I took a look at the moulding that was put up and had to do a double take as they guys had installed plain white moulding in the boys' room, but white and gold moulding everywhere else.

Nasty white and gold moulding

I was NOT feeling that white and gold AT ALL, so I had to call up my ceiling guy to tell him one time.

Apparently when they went to purchase the plain white moulding they only got enough for one room, so they made the decision to go with white and gold to 'expedite' the project and they thought it complimented the ceiling.
Without consulting the woman who have to watch up at that ceiling for the next 10 years? Eh eh.

After a couple of phone calls I told them in no uncertain terms that the moulding had to be changed and they needed to find a solution. By the time I got home on Friday my moulding was all white and I was happy.

The electricians now have to come back and finish pull their wires and afix their fixtures.

To date, the electricians have been my worst workmen.
I say this not because they working slow or anything, they are actually working pretty well. I say it because they are the most untidy.

After my main contractors had completed their work they always swept up and threw away whatever rubble they made. Not the electricians...Eh eh.

They break parts of my wall, not whole wall eh...parts...to run their new wiring and left more dust and rubble over my house that my other contractors.

The one room in my house where I had everything stored to keep it 'safe' from dust, now has the most dust in my house.

Not to mention that they break one of meh scented candles.

Not to mention that they break meh brand new broom.

Not to mention that they put up some ugly ass fixtures (they have to take them down) in front the house. (like they eh make out my FAB! door or what?)

Not to mention that in taking pics of the FAB! door yesterday I noticed that the ugly ass fixtures not put up straight..one higher than the next! Hello?
High and low fixtures

I did mention to them (very nicely I might add) that when they were finished taking down their wires and so forth that they could move the rubble into the yard and they did do this last week. But my entire house is now dusty thanks to my electricians.

And they have plenty work to re-do cause like they breathless and just doing want they want.
That's the update for now.
I am still looking for someone to do my kitchen cupboards for me, so if you know anyone, drop me an email at afro.chic@hotmail.com.

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Raxx - A day in the life said...

Still scrolling through your blog, i like it, as a home owner myself i appreciate the stress of renovation, particularly in our culture and dealing with trini workmen!!

I'm sure you are a fan of HGTV if so you must be familiar with 'rate my space' that is my biggest vice on the net, i just love home decor and the pics are very interesting, check it out if you dont already.