Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Birthday Weekend...

This Saturday Afro Chic turned 30 and celebrations began from Friday night.

On Friday I met with some of my facebook / blogger / triniscene peeps at Zanzibar in Movietowne. The bill came up to a whopping $1800 for the 10 or so of us!

This was my first time going to Zanzibar and I found the food to be pretty decent (I had the Seafood Mofongo and the Chicken Wings), but the service we got on Friday wasn’t that great.

Our waitress kept disappearing mid-order and it took us about ½ hour or more to get or food.
I had made a reservation for 7 o’clock and although I called twice to confirm, no one told me I would lose my reservation after 15 minutes. They did accommodate us with a bigger table after we requested one though.
Zanzibar gets a 6.5 out of 10.

The birthday morning saw me going to the hardware to purchase thinset and grout and other tile related stuff after which I went to Crowne Plaza Face and Body Clinic for my massage and pedicure.

The massage was FANTASTIC.
You know a massage is good when you bepp off during the massage! I fell asleep and didn’t even realize it until the masseur was gently waking me up to tell me she was done!

After the massage, I headed to get my pedicure.
The pedicure left much to be desired. I like my feet to be scrubbed and rubbed and massaged well…I eh get that. I didn’t even get my nails filed or buffed.
The polish was done very well though, but I probably would not go back there for a pedicure.

It was my first time going to Face & Body Clinic and my first impression left a lot to be desired. I found the place felt more like a doctor’s office than a relaxing get away that a spa should be.
Face & Body Clinic gets a 6 out of 10.

Saturday night the hubby took me to Paprika. We had gone there previously on our anniversary last year and found the food and service to be excellent.
This time the service was lacking just a bit, but it was still good.

Paprika gets a 8.5 out of 10.

Sunday night my girlfriend and I went to Central Bank Auditorium to view the Raymond Choo Kong play "We Like It So!"

The play was tres entertaining and had patrons laughing from start to finish, but it's not just comedy...it's a look at life in Trinidad and how we accept mediocrity because after all "We Like It So!".

The play was nothing short of excellent and I would advise you to go see it if it makes another run.

The cast of We Like It So! are, clockwise from the top, Raymond Choo Kong, Conrad Parris, Mairoon Ali and Penelope Spencer.

Overall it was a very enojyable birthday weekend.


.M. said...

Happy belated dey! Congratulations on making it to the new 20. Having a birthday over a long weekend must be better than actually getting presents, I guess.

Kuntreegal said...

happy earthstrong spring chicken ;)
**yeah i know im late lol**