Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Renovations Update...

Since my last update with purchasing the tiles, we've had to fire our tile guy and source a next tile guy. So my tiles have been sitting down collecting dust.

The new tile guy came to visit and gave us his quotation for doing the work and has said he is 'swamped' right now and has promised to come next Wednesday. *crosses fingers*

I finally purchased a FAB! shower mixer for my bathroom as well (sorry no pics), and my plumber (daddy) came and installed the pipes in the bathroom last Saturday.

In the meantime there's been some back and forth between my ceiling guys and electricians. My ceiling guys came on Good Friday to frame up for the ceiling, then had to wait on the electricians to continue pulling their wires etc.

That was finished yesterday and my ceiling guys promised to come back today to finish put up my ceiling.

The ceiling that I finally decided on is the PVC ceiling in two finishes. One for the living/dining/kitchen area and one for the bedrooms and bathroom area.

PVC ceiling samples

(Top left) Living/dining/kitchen area
(Bottom left) Bedrooms and bathroom

I've been hearing mixed reviews about the PVC ceiling, but I like the samples of the work I've seen and it's way less dust than my original choice of gypsum.

When the ceiling is installed, the electricians have to come back AGAIN, the finish pulling wires and installing their fixtures.

Once THAT is done I can FINALLY start cleaning up my house *crosses fingers* and move back into my home :)


Geisha said...

Hopefully they will finish by de time I reach so I could macco.....errrr...I mean get a tour :)

afro chic said...

Geisha, you know right after this post this morning, I got a call from my ceiling guy who was furious and said the electricians were not finished and they couldn't do any work today :(

I hope they finish in time for you err...tour as well. LOL.