Sunday, August 17, 2008

D' Krewe Band Launch - The Aftermath

I had the pleasure of attending D'Krewe's Band Launch last night.

I must say this was one of the better presentations that I have been to thus far, the dancers at the start of the presentation were fantastic!

Here are just a few of my pics, I'm currently having some pc problems, so my review will follow.

I did not get a booklet, so the names are from my memory.

*click on pics to make them larger*

Monday Wear

Dancers during the presentation

Golden Sun

Morning Glory

Spirit of Iere



Scarlet Ibis

Bird of Paradise Flower

Humming Bird





Pitch Lake

Traditional Dancers

The People

The Moon

Grand Finale!!


empressnatts said...

Thanks AC for the pics. They seem to stick to the theme. I see some nice costumes and also similar section names as with other bands.

Another thing. Why did they use that plus size model for that costume when there are some many other nice costumes instead of that one that did nothing for that model or vice versa

Carnival Diva said...

GIRL, MANY THANKS FOR THE PICS!! Loving Fish, scarlet Ibis(FL), hello iguana with that magnificent headpiece....hello, Plus size model...bravo!

sexy eyes said...

They were really creative this year!! I like most of them its good to see they came really close to creating a design close to the themes....

Goddess said...

Very nice. Lots of cover-up options too. A couple of them are very sexy.

carnivalkris said...

I've played with Dkrewe a few times, enjoyed the costume and the experience. i am pleased to see that they have yet again brought out another great presentation.i am not a fan of all the sections, but a general 8 out of 10 from me. points were lost mainly in the fl for ibis and iguana,as they appear somewhat difficult to maneuver (ah think ah spell that right) and the show last night was something too. performance was matched to the theme of the band, pyrotechnics added a nice touch as well. kudos to the plus size model, although a better suited costume should have been chosen for her figure, but, nonetheless I salute her.....It has begun..

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

AC I look forward to your review;there are some interesting costumes veering away from beads and bikinis.

DeRedting said...

Love the costumes LOVE THE PLUS SIZE MODEL let me say it again LOVE THE PLUS SIZE MODEL go girl and you show how sexy us thick girls can be. Just next time please find the right costume for her body eh lol but kudos.

buublenut said...

AC is that really Monday Wear?? If so quite intresting and will be nice and cool on the road in the hot sun.

Tr|n|gYa| said...

What a beautiful presentation! Nice concepts!

dougla_1 said...
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dougla_1 said...

Interesting costumes by D'Krewe here. They are definitely on to something rel good. Keeping their vision of the mas they see (I like lots), working on their birds designs (both Hummingbird and Scarlet Ibis are hugh misses with some quite "lazy" use of fabric) for a more forward thinking and innovative aesthetic could seal the deal in future productions. Nice job D'Kewe. It's nice to know allyuh see (from my view) that MAS is the journey not the goal :) Every year allyuh getting better! Sweet!