Monday, August 04, 2008

D'Krewe Media Launch - The Aftermath...

Date: Wednesday 30th July 2008
Location: Coliseum II, Long Circular Road

Sorry this review is so late, I was down and out with the flu/sorethroat (I think they calling it the HCU) for a couple days. (Ah know ah doh type with meh throat eh, but I was felling lil weak and ting too okay?)

Hear nah I could get used to this media thing yuh know...I like getting the opportunity to macco...errr...look at the costumes before the masses.

The media launch for D'Krewe was scheduled to take place after work at the Coliseum. For those of you who don't know where that is, it is just Pabloz renamed. And if yuh still clueless just think of Courts furniture store St. James...yuh turn up Long Circular Road and is a couple buildings down and is upstairs of a car place. Right.

So I got to the Coliseum just after 6:00 and was overwhelmed, not by the amount of people there (which was just a few), but by the strong scent of incense engulfing the place. And on top of that hear I was thinking I was late but the place was empty. But yuh know allyuh Trinis and time.

It was an open (free) bar, and you were served beers but had to serve yourself any other mixed drinks. I thought that was weird, but it seemed to be going down okay with the folks who were there.

Around 7:00pm ish, nearly an hour after I arrived, Robert Amar (who it look like own the Coliseum) took the microphone and started talking. Wrong choice. Even though I had earlier seen him reading the copy, he still stumbled a bit too much for my liking. And all he did was read what was already handed out to us when we got there. We come to see costumes man. Where the costumes?!

We were introduced to the committee.

Then the promotional ladies (Like they ran out of yellow jerseys??)

Then we were introduced to Kyle Matas a young designer who designed for Trini Revellers previusly.

And then FINALLY, we had costumes!

The first section to come out was The People.
I liked the simplicity of this section and the natural type of material used in it.

Next up was Water.

Out of all the costumes shown I think this one was my favorite. I liked the look of it and the fact that it was not a typical bikini and beads section. It did stop just short of being FAB! only because I thought it could do with a bit more detail and more blue in the fabric.

Up next was Bird of Paradise Flower
(Not to be confused with Bird of Paradise bird in TRIBE eh)

I found this costume to be just a bit too much and it looked like it would be cumbersome on the road with all those parts sticking out. It does capture the look and felle of an actual Bird of Paradise flower though, with the colours.

Finally, we had the Spirit of Iere
A beautiful costume in browns and golds.
Something about it made me feel like it could be a Miss Universe Nationals Costume. There may be just a bit too much going on in this costume though, with the backpack and the skirt and the headpiece.

That was the end of the costumes and we were treated to some delicious finger food and I was able to get some closeup shots of the costumes.

D'Krewe will be bringing a total of 16 sections including Butterfly, Sun, Morning Glow, Moon, Scarlet Ibis, The Falls, Hummingbird and Iguana.

Yes another Scarlet Ibis and Hummingbird! I doh think anybody could come worse than TRIBE's wounded Ibis though, and I look forward to seeing D'Krewe's version of Hummingbird.
In speaking with the committee member she indicated that D'Krewe has realised their mistakes and have taken steps to correct them to avoid a re-occurrence of Carnival 2008.

Overall I thought it was a nice presentation, and by the end of the evening, the strong scent of incense had disappeared, I give D' Krewe's presentation/media launch a 7beads out of 10 and look forward to seeing their presentation at the full band launch on August 16th.

You can check out more of my pics from the launch and keep up to date with D'Krewe via their Facebook page.

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