Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ronnie and Caro - The Aftermath in pics

Review to come later.
Dimanche Gras

Carnival Fiesta


Blue Devils

Chutney Monarch

WASA fete

Soca Monarch



Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

For the lifespan of the band will all the men's costume headpieces consist of a fedora????? :/

Anonymous said...

I await your review...but I must say that from the pics I do not quite like it from what they have produce before this looks like a downgrade and just how are they to beat Brian with these designs????

-Dimanche Gras looks familia, I have seen this before -- I am thinking posion costume and it does not represent Dimanche Gras --it should have more energy, differnet color, more of what DG repersents

-Carnival Fiesta - designed like Rays of light and the belt is design off of Tribe (cant remember that popular blue section everybody wanted to be in the year the Theme was "What Lies Beneath") although a lot of bands have copied it cant bash them on that, but again does not represent carnival. I am not found of covering your face with a mask for carnival, only because I think about the tan lines you will be left with and again carnival represents color, the energy of the people I do not see this here.

-Cockfight - again because of the mask on your face a no-no for me and way to much feathers for me. The belt looks like they could have done more. I would not have done the mask, but designed the headpiece resembling the cock --you know how the cock has that nice peak like a mohawk and then the feathers fall nice to the back.

-Blue Devils - no comment - well I dont like it.

Panorma - again panorama represents the energy of the people - do not see that here. And why did they use black. The has is nice. BTW wrond color stockings on the females.

-Chutney Monarch - I have seen beter Chutney designs, and did they not bring a Chutney section when they were with Legacy? That was a nice costume I think it was orange.

-Wasa - hy Wasa? The bra and belt looks like its well decorated. I do like the headpiece.

Soca Monarch - ok

Envy - like the headpiece

trinigal102 said...

I have been following your blog, and waited patiently for your comments on the C2K9 designs. I must say that you and your partner in crime…Saucy Diva, are the most negative and supercilious voices out there. As nationals of Trinidad and Tobago it is only right that you should promote the culture which I guess was the point in putting up your blog. But in reality these blogs have cause more distress as people like yourself take the creativity and hard-work that designers mould into presentations for the new year and destroy it with the stroke of a pen and the punching of keys. It is a true disappointment to the nation that one person could hate her fellow country man so much as it go on the internet and insult their genius. I hereby challenge you, Afro Chic and your (L) partner Diva to design a section for Carnival 2010 that encompasses more that just …feathers and boas for women…see if you can come up with two sections… female frontline and backline….and a male costume that sticks to theme and vibrancy of the mas…

Anonymous said...

Here's my suggestion to you T102- Stop following the blog, apparently you only have a problem if the critisim is directed towards your band....becuase if this was an issue you should have raised it a long time ago with all the other band reviews..
Frankly R&C for next year is a big downgrade (2 thumbs down) and this coming from someone who was cheering for them when they broke away from Legacy...stop being BITTER..we should not settle for anything less that the best...

jv said...

but wait a minute didnt she say the same crap on saucy's blog.... clearly this heffer needs some limacol or somethin 2 sap she head with................ she has nothing better to do than to critize other people