Saturday, January 10, 2009

St. Francois Girls College All inclusive - The Aftermath...

Who: St. Francois Girls College
St. John's Hall
Friday 9th January 2009
How much:
$400 (last year: I have no idea)

This was my second time attending St.Francois' All Inclusive having previously attended in 2005 or 2006 (I can't remember which).

I decided to go to St. Francois as it seemed a nice way for me to start off my fete season, plus the price was right up my brokeass/belt tightening alley, and at $400.00 is the cheapest all inclusive to date.

The hubby and I got there just after 9:00pm.
As we entered we were greeted by the Digicel guys and gals offering jello shots...of which I had two and I believe they worked to my detriment later in the night but I digress...
This year, the Digicel promoters are decked off in modern interpretation of traditional mas wear - sailors, indians and red devils. They looked cute and the chicks were rocking some real nice boots too.

Anyhoo, when we got there we could barely hear the pan music playing as there were no speakers on that side of the party, which was the entrance and the food court. After scoping out the scene, grabbign two drinks and some barbeque pigtail, we headed toward the next side of the fete, closer to the music.


I'm not sure if they're still Neal & Massy Trinidad All Satrs of just All Stars, but form the time I heard the early strains pf Woman the Bass, I realised which pan side was playing. All Stars mashed up the place and gets 4.5 pan sticks out of 5.


Soon after All Stars performance we were told that Sherlame and Y.O.U. (if anybody know the meaning of the acronym, drop meh ah email nah, thanks!)) would be coming on stage, and I was eagerly looking forward to seeing my boy Sherlame perform with his band. So my boy comes on stage and performs like I have never seen before. No setta antics, he sang most if not all of hits and had the crowd moving and getting on bad. I didn't ketch the name of the other lead singer who sang with him , but overall the band's performance was very solid.

Make it yuh business to hear them this season.

Sherlame and Y.O.U. get 4 ohnonono's out of 5.


Kes performed right after and other than a few additions of some new songs, their repertoire was more or less the same as 2008, complete with Kees taking of his jersey *sigh* I liked Nadia's dancers that she brought on stage, but I doh like what my girl Nadia was wearing at all. I hope Peter Elias take her in hand or something.

Kes the Band gets 3 wines out of 5 and I expect them to get better by their next performance.

ROY CAPE feat. Blaxx, Trini Jacobs and Olatunji Yearwood

Roy Cape is usually a very solid sounding/performing band. But I didn't like their perfromance as they seemed un-practiced and they didn;t leave me breathless like last year. We left during Roy Cape's perfromance.

Roy Cape gets 2.5 slow wines out of 5.


While there was no lavish setta food, there was a nice mix of corn soup, barbeque pork, barbeque, bake and shark (one chit per person here) and the main meal.

3.5 burps out of 5


The bar was done by CARIB, and other than the sour looking girls behind the bar, drinks were flowing all night and there was no lacking for anything, except I had to beg for straws :S

4 glasses out of 5


The bathrooms used were those at St. John's Hall, and were clean enough BUT! there were NO MIRRORS! :x How yuh could have a LADIES bathroom and NO mirrors? It baffles me!

1 flush out of 5


THis is a fete catered to the older crowd, and there wasn't much eye food for me.

I would say 2 crosseye out of 5

Overall I enjoyed this fete, and it was a real nice dtart of the fete season fete and I would probably go again.

Next fete review: Soca in Moka 10!


Bizzie Chic said...

Y.O.U - Yes One Unit

Lead singer - Prestan

afro chic said...

Thanks Bizzie Chic, I've been schooled on FB as well.

Yuh slippin' girl! I big Soca-phile like you supposed to know dem tingz!

It's an acronym or "Yes One Unit" - denoting the unity amongst the musicians that form the group.

Oh and the other vocalist in Y.O.U. is Prestan (full name Prestan Andries), who is best knwon as the guy who sings along with King David on the local Reggae hit "Holding On" (BIGGGG Reggae tune on the Livity Riddim that uses the melody and some of the lyrics to "Holding Back The Years" originally made popular in the 80's by Simply Red).

Prestan's first local hit (ALSO featuring King David) was "Need Love" on the KMC-produced Rocket Launcher Riddim (you might remember him and King david in the popular video for the riddim that showed endlessly on Synergy at the time). Oh - and speaking of KMC and dat riddim, Prestan was a lead vocalist with KMC's Redd White & Black at that time.. worked with them for close to 2 years as memory serves.

Prestan and King David are both part of the Bon Air Gardens, Arouca-based Livity Unit group of artists...

I puttin his myspoace link in dis msg too... the video for "Need Love" on the Rocket Launcher is there... seems like he took "Holding On" off his Myspace player though... but here's an imeem link...

Thanks to my FB friend who gave me the info! ;)

Bizzie Chic said... got scolded there, loll.

Wuzdescene said...

good review Afro ... lookin forward tuh de ress .... cuz I eh goin nowhere .... an' when ah read yuh reviews .... ah does feel like ah wuz dey! :-)

SLK said...

hey you snap my friend in his ridiculus digicel get up.