Monday, June 01, 2009

Fashion Week Trinidad & Tobago 2009 - The Aftermath...

Date: Sunday 31st May 2009
Place: Hyatt Regency - The Waterfront

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Pic from Fashion Week FB group

Last year for Fashion Week I spent my entire evening standing up despite having a ticket in hand. At the time I was told by one of the organisers that "You paid to see the show and not for a seat".

Despite that I was eagerly looking forward to this year's Fashion Week since I heard that this year it was being held at the swanky Hyatt Regency.

I made sure to tell my crew who were going that:
1. We were to reach early to get seats and not have a repeat of last year and;
2. we were to be dressed to kill, after Fashion Week Trinidad & Tobago!

With those two items covered we arrived at the Hyatt just about 6:15pm and made our way inside.
What a change from last year!

UTT students work on display

Instead of being under a hot tent and fighting up for a seat, we were in an air conditioned venue, offered cocktails on entry and there was even a "green carpet" area for you to be photographed by the photographers on duty (if they found you worthy of course!)

B-mobile's setup at Fashion Week 2009

After doing a bit of socialising, I made my way inside and was showed to my seat and waited for the show to start.

The schedule for the night was: Peter Elias, Pilar, Chiz*l Menswear, M Squared, Kimya Glasgow, Christian Boucaud Designs and Zadd and Eastman. You can read up on the designers here.

Unfortunately because of where I was seated (and because my camera is a basic lil ole camera) most of my pics came out like this:

First up was my boy Peter Elias.
We saw some lovely vibrant colours in his collection, and one of my favorite models Latoya Woods in this lovely orange number.

Up next was Pilar by Anya Ayoung-Chee.
Anya's designs consisted mainly of lots and lots of African print (Jimmy Aboud anyone?). If you've seen Anya out and about, you've seen this collection as it is very much her style, with shirts masquerading as dresses and cords masquerading as belts.

Next we have Chiz*l Menswear.
Wow. The crowd went from silence (probably wondering WTF? Rubber slippers is style now?) to lusty applause at the end of his presentation.
Lots of half naked chiseled men in next to nothing.

Next on the list is well known designer Meiling.
If you've seen M Squared in Micles, just picture it in pastel colours. Meiling didn't even come out on the runway after her designs were shown.

Who's next? Let's see...Kimya Glasgow.

Kimya's line was nice and simple.
Mainly white with some green and purple accents, this line was simplicity at its best. One of her models (chick in the green top and white skirt) stumbled a bit on the runway and very admirably carried on.

Next designer was Christian Boucaud Designs (and don't get fooled by the name, this is a woman designer).
Made up mainly of swimsuits I think these designs may have been better received if different models were used.
Some of the models had less than perfect skin and the crowd remained quiet for the majority of her presentation as if in shock.
FUSE Agency needs to come better with their model next time man.

Zadd and Eastman ended the show in beautiful greens and blues.
Another designer that was well received.

The show ended just around 8:00pm and afterwards I got to meet and take some pics with America's Next Top Model-Season 11 , Mc Key Sullivan.

Mc Key laughs after showing how she learnt to wine

There was a bit of a bottle neck to leave the venue afterwards, but overall I enjoyed the show, and the ambience was definitely better than last year's event.

Definitely a must attend next year!


Wuzdescene said...

Didn't go last year .... didn't go this year .... but after this review .... maybe I'll go next year ....

Carnival Divaz said...

I wish that Carnival Costume designers can have a day during fashion week to do a show and display costumes in their true art form, not something that is geared to be worn on carnival monday or Tuesday. Just actually show pieces to display their talents, with no rules or barriers. I think it would be beauty at its best.

(Nurse) Karen said...

you think those newsprint dresses could go in the dryer?

JJ said...

nice review!