Sunday, June 28, 2009

TIC 2009 - The Aftermath...

So I know I previously mentioned volunteering at TIC this week...being idle has never really been my thing, (even though I could spend all day playing Sims, after a while my mouse hand gets cramp and I am forced to take a break or stop) so after seeing the advert for TIC in the newspapers I decided to call and find out if they needed any volunteers.
It so happens that they did need just a couple more people and asked me to send in my resume and come in for some training.

Photo taken from TIC group on Facebook

FYI...TIC=Trade and Industry Convention and it's a business trade show that brings buyers, importers, exporters together and provides business opportunities to them. So let's say you have a small Carnival Boot Decorating business (I'm just saying) and you're looking for suppliers of bags or printing people or the best method to ship your boots to your very valued customers overseas, you could attend the TIC and speak with Ad Bags, Eniath's Printing and Fedex. (Again this is just a random example).

Anyhoo, I worked from Monday to Saturday from 7:30am to 7:00pm and even though the hours were long, the work wasn't boring and the people who I worked with were pretty cool.

I didn't get to macco or take pics during the show, because like I said we were kept pretty busy, but late last night I did get the opportunity to buy a lovely pearl ring and necklace and got a steal of a deal on a FAB! necklace from the Chinese contingent!

Overall I think it was a pretty cool experience and it definitely filled that boring gap.

This coming week I am dedicating to resume and application sending...if only my life was like Sims and I could just open the newspapers or log on to my computer and automatically get a job! LOL.


mimi said...

i wanted to go on saturday u know! but I had summer classes from 12 to 6 so I think that was a lost cause lol. Best of luck job hunting!

mimi said...
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