Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Got A Man...

No...not me...a book.

So this is the review on
Kim is a young mother and has been involved with Malik for several years when she discovers that she is pregnant. She asks Malik to get married. Just as they are beginning to plan for their future, Malik meets Shonda, a single mother who left Philadelphia to start a new life in Atlanta. After six disappointing months she returns home. On her first temporary assignment at a law firm, she meets Malik. He is a paralegal well liked by his peers and the attorneys at the firm. Immediately Malik begins showering Shonda with compliments on her appearance and work. Slowly, they separate themselves from the office group outings and began to go out alone and date after work. Soon their office romance is no longer a secret and Kim gives him an ultimatum. After Kim gives birth to their son alone, he begins to feel guilty and misses the family life they shared. Malik finally makes a choice, but is it the right one? Three very interesting characters whose fate ends with a twist. Lillian Lewis

Probably one of the WORST books I have ever read.
I thought the book was crap. And to be honest I couldn't tell you too much about the story line because after a while the typos just had me too distracted from the stroy line. I thought that it was not a well written book overall.

I thought books are supposed to have editors and the like? If this book was allowed to be published with the number of typos and grammatical erros I saw, here what, sign me up let me put my blog posts in book format yes.

It got good reviews on Amazon though, so maybe is just me *shrug*. This book is available at the National Library (thank heaven I did not buy this book I woulda want a refund!). Take a read and let me know what you think.

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