Friday, August 21, 2009

Not So Spicey...

After being all hyped up on Spice, I was extremely disappointed to learn that masqueraders wishing to play frontline in Spice cannot getting anything bigger than a 36C bra. 

Now while this bra limitation does not affect me directly, (as I have required and now envious 36C cup size), I think this issue needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. 
After dribbling over Spice's launch pics many persons are now left disappointed that they cannot get into the costume of their choice because of something as simple as their cup size.

I have called the mas camp on several occasions on this issue that I do not think is being addressed at all by Spice. 

I was told all of those things when I contacted the mas camp directly:
Yes, what you are seeing on the website is correct, there is nothing larger than a 36C bra available for FL masqueraders...
No, you cannot bring in your own bra/corset for Spice to decorate...
No, it does not matter if you are willing to pay the extra cost...
This is just Spice's policy...

Well it's a pretty crappy policy to me and one that I think is costing Spice lots of potential masqueraders. Spice's policy seems to be one of good old fashioned discrimination. 

Is it that they are equating having a larger bust size to mean that you are a fuller figured woman and thus should not be in the front of their sections? 
Is it that the suppliers in China cannot supply monokini and bikinis in a size larger than 36C?
Is it that after their experience this year it was just too much headache to be bothered to cater for the big busted ladies?
No one knows for sure and we can only assume.

What is even more disturbing to me is the fact that despite many people have been discussing this issue and calling them on it, Spice has not yet breathed a word or made any kind of statement on The Bra Issue.

I have received inane messages from Spice's PR, Ms. Driselle Ramjohn via the Spice Group on Facebook since the launch, including one this morning saying "You can message me right here on facebook or e-mail me at of you have any questions or queries". 

Well I did that earlier this week and up to the time of this post, I have not received a response from Ms. Ramjohn or anyone in Spice. (this same Ms. Ramjohn never called me back when I asked about a mediapass for the launch, but anyhoo).

Spice has done and continues to do a HORRIBLE job when it comes to effective communication to their past and potential masqueraders.

And it is not just with this bra issue as up to this morning, I received the following email from an overseas masquerader...



I follow your blog and was wondering if you had any information on how to contact Spice for Ceylon Pearls. I have sent them an email via their websi

te last week and still have not heard any response.


I thought I would give it one more try and then I’ll go spend my money with another band that understands customer service.


I responded to the person that I would enquire on their behalf and that they should also contact Spice via the email address Spice indicated.

Come on Spice, you are my band of choice this year, say something man! 


ennekaycee said...

Spice is falling off badly and that's a shame because a lot of people want them to be really successful and were looking to them as their #1 choice for C2K10.

Between the poor communication, some of the prices, and the bra issue, people are becoming turned off :(

A friend of mine is looking at other band options because she can't get the costume she really loves due to the size restrictions.

mimi said...

it is really annoying, and it disgusts me to think that they don't even have the audacity to respond to queries! We tryin to give you a shove in the right direction and you not even budgin!You the old sayin that you can bring the horse to the well but you can't make it drink...well this horse like it doh even want to reach the well!

SocaDiva70 said...

Not sure whether it was just luck on my part, but being a very full breasted woman I managed to play with Spice this year and they made a bra for me for the Paprika section, I paid an extra 200 dollars (TT).

This year, I phoned the camp, and asked if they were willing to do the same again this year, the lady who answered said no becasue the costumes were being made in CHina, to which I replied that this was the same situation last year, she then said that she would call me back, but before I could give her a number to call back on she hung up ( call ID showed a number that you cant ring back on!!!)

Anyway I had practically given up, as I had sent them an email and got no reply, until I messaged Driselle on FB, I explained the siutation of playing last year, and I could not see how they could offer the service one year and then take it away the follwoing year, she said she would look into it and come back to me, I think it took 2 days when she replied back that Spice would make the bra for me.

so Im not sure if I got it because I played with them last year or because they will provide the service if enqire via FB/email, or even the fact that I am playing in a backline!!!.

dcarnivalbaby said...

Well A.C., I know you dont really want to hear this right now, but IP would always love to have you back!!!