Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spice Mas Camp Review...

After waiting all night and for most of the day for Spice's website to come up, I made my way to the mas camp yesterday after work.

There were not many people at the time that I visited.
I like the new location as well as the layout of the new mas camp. When I arrived, there was only a handful of persons at the mas camp, including band leader Anya Elias.

Anya herself greeted me and told me that if I had any questions I could ask her.

There are no male or frontline costumes up at the mas camp and while I understand the constraints of the space, I would have still loved to see one or two frontlines on display.

I took in the costumes one by one, saving my very favorite for last, I didn't even want to look in the direction of it!

After seeing the costumes up close and personal I have to say that my thoughts from Spice's Launch haven't changed that much if at all.

My least favorites have remained the same: China, Merchants of Venice (which looks more and more like Silver Mess cousin...what does this designer have with furry type elements?) and Ratpnapurta.

Gates of Petra has moved up my list a bit. I like the shade of pink and the gems on it are less pink than I thought at first. I also think is is TRES skimpy. Bring yuh bess body and come with that one.

Rubies of Mumbai both backline and frontline are beautiful costumes with just enough detail.

While the bra for Rome is very dark, it's an iridescent colour and I like the overall look of this costume.

Caspian Sea backline seems kind of dull and a bit dinged to me, but it may have just been the lighting or because it was used at the launch. It is still very nicely detailed.

I love the shade of purple used in Greece, and I could just picture this gorgeous frontline on the road.

I wish Adulis had a frontline or individual option. I love the combination of colours on this costume. This costume and a pair of bronze boots? Simple but fabulous.

I like the shade of orange in Moroccan Heat as well as the design headpiece.

My top three favorite costumes are now Ceylon Pearls, Thailand and Isis.

The detail on these three is simply amazing. Love the pearls on Ceylon Pearls, love the belt on
Thailand, love the Isis bling!

The mas camp is very nicely decorated. There are boots on display which I was advised would only be available in-house and would be with a flat heel instead of the high heel. The cost will be $350.00.

With regard to the costume prices I think that the costumes are expensive yes, but masqueraders have kept asking for more...more feathers, more bling, more ting...so that is what you are paying for. As always, the choice is yours and know yuh budget!

Overall after visiting the mas camp yesterday I was very pleased with Spice and after doing a lot of obsessing over my top three favorites I think I have finally come to a decision on my costume of choice.

A word of advice to Spice however.
You guys seriously need to improve on dissemination of information. Sending out an email about the delay of the website after 8:00pm yesterday when people were expecting it to be up at midday cannot cut it.

I'm a member of the Facebook group because I want to get info from YOU. Facebook is not there fuh style. I rather be killed with info than left in the dark.

As of this post (6:15pm) there is not a picture, price or video posted by the admins of the FB group. Dat eh cutting it.

As for the whole "bra issue"...I will have to save that for another post.


Princessredz said...

Well I waiting for the next post then... LOL!

Well reviewed!

1mauvaislangue said...

I am in LOVE, in LOVE with Adulis HP. If I was playing with Spice it will be Adulis, but a Frontline version of it, hell even INDVID. (even though I'm a regular costume girl, i.e. backline I just hate that word backline)

Carnival Divaz said...

I love Ceylon Pearls. But because of all of the extra perks that come with it, I know that I wont get in.

shells said...

My fav Spice costumes are Adulis, Moroccan Heat (think i may have a fondness for orange!!) and Isis that bra close up is gorgeous.

Karabana said...

I was very impressed with their costumes last year, & they've done another superb job again... I'd play with them for sure but their prices are way too high. Their blatant discrimination against bigger women (disguised as only offering smaller cup sizes) is also a major strike against them.