Tuesday, May 27, 2008

House Renovations: Kitchen is finished!

Well almost.

On Friday morning bright and early, 5:35am to be precise, the Kitchen Concepts team came to start my kitchen installation.

When I called them from work at lucnhtime, they were finished installing the cupboards. The only thing left to do was for me to go back into them on Saturday and select my countertop, which I did and they came back on Monday (yesterday) to finish that up.

So here are some before and after pics.

BEFORE - Getting the kitchen ready for painting

BEFORE - Afro Chic and Daddy Chic priming the wall

IN BETWEEN - Almost there

AFTER - My cupboards installed

AFTER - Cupboards installed and waiting on countertop

I have to choose a tile/desing for the backsplash still, but that will come later.


Anonymous said...

Wohoo! congrats ALL around!

Wuzdescene said...

YAY!!! .... lookin good ... told ya tuh keep those positive vibes flowin!!!

Buh wha de hell .... is 5:35 in de mornin dey come .... da'is ah typo? .... cuz de only reason .... I could see somebody being UP ..... at 5:35 am .... is if dey have ah hot pee!!!

LOL ... ah love de 'daddy chic' :-)

afro chic said...

No typo wuzdescene...they coming from Chaguanas, so the guy say it doh make no sense leaving dey after 7 or 8 to spend 2 hours in traffic.

He prefer to come early morning or late evening.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

love the before and after pics, love your colors too, congratulations on your reno!