Monday, February 18, 2008

Can somebody say SPELLCHECK?!?!?

I was browsing through a Carnival magazine (Sun, Sand and Sea) that I found yesterday evening. Having just played mas I was excited to see if I or anyone I knew was in the magazine and eagerly opened it up.
Now never mind that some of the pics incorrectly labelled (IP as TRIBE and a pretty Indian mas as Trevor Wallace), I guess all bikini mas is the same...right???.
Never mind that my (and by my, I mean the band I played with) band only get 13 photos and NONE of them is my FAB! section. Hello??
Never mind that based on the magazine you would think that Genesis was a big band and the majority of the pics is of their Snow Witch section. Doh even get me started.
Never mind that some of the pics is the SAME woman in different shots. STEUPS.
Doh study none of that.
Study how the spell check feature on the umm..."editor" pc wasn't working. (see pic below)

Click on pics to make larger.
As a matter of fact, study how the magazine doh even have an editor listed at the front of the magazine!
Now doh think I just wasting down people thing because I figure this is my blog and I could say what I want, even though that is true.
But study how these Carnival magazines that are produced are most times purchased by tourists and they take them away to their country to relive their Carnival joy, only to see these silly faux pas that could be avoided.
I figure is best they just print the pictures and let people guess who is who and what is what.
Btw, in case you're interested, the cost of the magazine is $45.00 and I did happen to see a few people I knew in it.


GirlBlue said...

He was besotted by their beauty so could not spell properly...yeah that's it.

Curious though, were the spelling errors restricted to Harts (my band)?

afro chic said...

No girlblue, hit was an all inclusive mis-spelling/bad grammar.

Soca spelt as soco, full spelt fouu, kind instead of kinds, incorrect use of capital letters etc.

GirlBlue said...

and they want people to pay $45 for that? Those pictures better be full on glossy and marvelous to compensate.

*Wanders off singing* I'm a Soco Warriorrrrrr

Mani said...

Oh loss, I am sooooo embarrassed. What kind of illiterates putting that magazine together. 1 mistake ok, 2 tolerable. That many is just plain slackness.

afro chic said...

Yes girlblue...$45! The pics are okay enough some of them, notihng mind blowing.

And mani why you embarassed? doh tell meh you had some input into the magazine?!? :P

JJ said...

that's what happens when you are in a rush to get the magazine out and ent spend a blasted cent or a half a day on a good editor to correct this mistake!

i say you point it out to them and offer to edit the magazine at a flat price next year!...or suggest some other person who has the skills and need the money to do it.

they can't tell me they don't have a budget for an editor.