Monday, February 25, 2008

Renovations Update: DUST IN DE PLACE!!

*cough cough*
The renovations continued this week with the securing of the hurricane straps to the roof and removal of the old rafters etc. So the roof is now more or less completed.

Bright and early Saturday morning the cupboards man paid me a visit to take some measurements for some new kitchen cupboards. I'm supposed to get that estimate this weekend.

This weekend also saw me on a tile outing, looking for some nice, affordable tiles and some other household stuff.
This trip took me to Ceramic Trinidad where I saw some gorgeous glass tiles that would look great in my kitchen. Sunday I also made a trip to Classic Tiles in Chaguanas and I think I will probably be buying my bathroom tiles as well as my toilet and bath set.

Glass tiles at Ceramic Trinidad

Also this weekend, the first of many walls "to buss" as we say was umm...'busted'. One of the windows to the front of the house was removed to make way for my FAB! new front door.

Door in place

My son hard at work laying bricks

My dining table covered in dust

My front yard

Work continues this week with more walls to be knocked down and more dust and rubble to be added to my house.


Geisha said...

Everything coming together nicely man. My projects not starting until Spring cause I refuse tuh do renovations in biting cold.
I hope I'm getting a tour of your house when I come down.

Mani said...

DAT is door, gyul Afro Chic!

afro chic said...

But you getting an invite to the house warming Geisha!!

I LOVE my door Mani!

Geisha said...

Housewarming? Sweet!

*Goes to look for housewarming gift that can fit in suitcase*