Friday, February 01, 2008

De Mang - Costume Collection...

So this afternoon an almost very tired Afro Chic made her way to De Mang's mas camp/distribution centre to collect her costume :)

Costume collection was a breeze.

It was just a tad bit slower than last year, but I still had my balance to pay this time, whereas last year I had paid in full. Also this was a guest section with the band.

No lines. No stress.

My costume (From far left to right)
Blue top and straw hat for Monday
Various accessories for arms and legs
Bikini Top
Necklace and earrings
Costume belt
Boy shorts (not pictured)

My headpiece (that I'll be fixing)

My goody bag
Blue tote bag
Kotex pads
Carefree pantyshields
Sports Balm rub
Painol tablets
Two condoms (red and yellow, not sure if they flavoured)
Foot massager
KFC bandana (tres ugly)
2008 calendar
Drink cup
Makeup (blush/bronzer something)
Coupons for Carnival Essentials:
$2 off Purell
$3 off Listerine Whitening or Pocket Mist
$2 off Carefree 100s
$3 off Tylenol Rapid Release or Multi-Symptom
$5 off Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock or Fresh Colling Sunblock

I am very happy with my costume. It is what was advertised.
I have some minor adjustments that I knew I would have to make cause I want to customise my costume.
So look for me on the road!!!

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saucydiva said...

The costume looking NIIICCEEE!!!! And the goody bag is cute, that can be a nice beach/accesories bag! Much better than Harts plastic bag :/