Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Best and worst of Carnival 2008...

Last year I did a post on the Best and Worst of Carnival 2007.
This year I didn't go to as many fetes, so I tailored my list accordingly.

Best All Inclusive
For the second year running…Trinity College fete– Soca in Moka

Best Non-Inclusive
I would have to say 3Canal’s show SHINE in Queen’s Hall.
With the exception of the audience who was moving real stoosh like they fraid to move in they seats.

Best CD
I eh buy none yet.
On a related note though, I hear Machel Montano’s Flame On giving trouble…Track 10.

Best Gape
St. Mary’s College All Inclusive. Take win.

Special Mention
This goes to the BELEX All Inclusive which, while not packed to capacity was still a great fete.


The Trying Too Hard Award
Stop begging/asking people if this is Road March/Soca Monarch.
What will be will be…Just let it come naturally.

The Favorite Performing Band Award
Kes the Band featuring Nadia “throat for days” Batson.
The only down side to their performance this year was the distration of Kees taking of he blasted shirt for every performance.

The Keeping It Consistent Award
Destra Garcia.
Last year Destra copped the honorable mention of Worst Dressed Female Frontline Singer.
This year, I didn’t see her ‘live’ for the season other than in the newspaper, but it looks like she wanted to hang on to that award this year…Who say Hat Trick in 2010?!?

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