Monday, March 17, 2008

House purchases

Plumb Centre in Fernandes Industrial had a sale this weekend and these are my purchases.

My bathroom sink
Not on sale, but I LOVE the shape of this sink and had to have it.
I also purchased a nice faucet for this sink, but didn't take a pic.

My kitchen sink

Pretty standard and blah, but the price was EXCELLENT!

Doesn't beat the FAB! Moen sink for $7,200.00 I saw at Bathroom Plus though.

I have a gorgeous tap for this sink as well that my dad/plumber got for free.

At the sale

My plumber checking out the Kohler fixtures


YY said...

Oh jeez AfroChic. You had to make me nearly cry looking at them boxes of Kohler fittings! I getting ready to build soon and I stressing already because I want the Perfect Plumbing Fittings! I go have to make a trip to Trini just for dat.

afro chic said...

YY, just make sure you shop around and hope you get some good sales along the way ;)