Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Renovations Update: Pics

With the most of the MAJOR construction work (breaking of walls, construction and plastering of new walls) nearly finished, this weekend saw us doing some removal of all the rubble from the demolished walls, roof etc.
My front yard on Sunday Morning

Empty truck
Truck filling up with rubble
Part of the reno as I mentioned before included breaking walls in the kitchen to make way for an open floor plan, as well as removing the window in the master bedroom to put in some doors which lead to the backyard. We (I) decided to re-use our old front doors and plan to sand it down and have it looking like new.
BEFORE - Kitchen/living room wall


AFTER - A wall and a half to go

AFTER - Walls down

(Door in the kitchen is now blocked up as well)


BEFORE - Window in my room leading to backyard

AFTER - Doors in!

DURING - The wall coming down to make room for my doors

AFTER - Doors in!!

Still to do list:Electrical (starts today)

Plumbing (starts wheneverI tell Daddy to come)

Ceiling (hopefully this weekend)


Geisha said...

Wow! The place coming along nice man. Can't wait for my tour.

Wuzdescene said...

Afro Chic ... where are you??