Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Renovations Update - Phase I COMPLETE!!

Sunday evening marked the end of what I call Phase I of the House Renovation Project.

What this means is that all major construction work has been completed.
All the walls have been knocked down, any new walls are up and plastered.
The guys came and did all the little finishing and cleaned up any mess etc.

My contractor 'Rope' on top my old kitchen cabinets

Sunday we also had a second clean up of the old pieces of wood and ceiling that were removed.

The next phase of the project is Phase II - Electrical work and ceiling installation.
Electrical work is carded to begin this Wednesday and we marked out with chalk the locations of all the switches and outlets.

The ceiling guy has to work closely with the electrician and told me that his work should take approximately two (2) days. I was supposed to go with the ceiling guy to Chaguanas this morning to view the different options available for the ceiling (who knew that PVC ceiling came in different colours and patterns?!?). When I called my ceiling guy yesterday he told me he was just was in a car accident and we would have to reschedule.

This weekend my plumber (aka Daddy) paid a visit to start work on the bathroom. (I still have not selected my bathroom fittings.)
It was only this weekend, we found out that we are not connected to the sewer main and the possibility exists that we may still have a cesspit in the yard!
This means having to get WASA (*sigh*) to come and connect us to the main. I expect that this may cause a further delay in my project. We got the name of a guy who knows a guy, and we hope that this expedites the process.

After Phase II comes the part I am looking forward to the most, which is Phase III - The Finishing Touches!

Phase III will be the longest phase as this involves:
New kitchen cabinets
Installation of laminate flooring (?)
Painting, painting and more painting

This weekend saw me up in the east looking at tiles (again) and some furniture.

Possible bathroom tiles

Possible living/dining room tiles

Dining set at Signature Collection

Outdoor set at Signature Collection

I already have an idea of the colours I want in my rooms and the tiles I want as well. I am still undecided if to tile or use the laminate floor in my living/dining/kitchen area.
I'm leaning toward laminate, but everyone is telling me not to use the laminate flooring in my kitchen area as it doesn't take to water well.

I've purchased the lights for the front of the house and they go really well with my FAB! front door. I still have to find a nice ceiling fan and some nice light fixtures for the living room.

So that's the update.


Geisha said...

Wow! I making a trip to Signature Collection. For what? No damn idea. But someting tell meh ah go find someting....and it eh go be cheap.

Wuzdescene said...

I love the laminate floor for the living and dining room .... and definitely tiles for bathroom and kitchen .... oh and doh say I say .... but I wuz checkin out dat exact dining room set .... about a month ago ... cuz I'm also looking for a dining room set .... and one of the chair legs have ah crack!!! .... saw the set at their 'warehouse' branch ..... somewhere in de east .... off de highway ....