Monday, March 17, 2008

Jazz on The Greens...

It would be remiss of me not to mention the great time I had at Jazz on the Greens at UWI last week Saturday (8th March).
This was my first time going to Jazz and I was unable to get anyone to go with me, so I went to Jazz solomente.
I got to Jazz just about 6:30ish, after driving around in circles on UWI campus for about half hour. (no thanks to the security guards who gave me poor ass directions).
Eventually found someone who told me it was OFF campus and it was only when I got the general area was I able to find another guard who directed me correctly. Parked my car, picked up my blanket and headed to the grounds at UWI's Centre for the Creative Arts.

The crowd at Jazz on the Greens

As I said before I got to Jazz just after 6:30 and at that time Michael Boothman was just finishing off his set.

Michael Boothman

The crowd was an older one, who came out with their chairs, blankets and picnic baskets to take in the music. The atmosphere at Jazz on the Greens was relaxed and tranquil, just the kind of thing I needed after another not so great week at the office.

Patrons at Jazz

Jamaican songstress Samantha Goden

You can read Mark Lyndersay's review here and Peter Ray Blood's review here.

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