Monday, January 28, 2008

A BIG Meggie for the Newsday...

So...reach by the parents yesterday after having a good time on the road with the boys at Kiddies in St. James, to see I have a missed call and subsequent voicemail on my phone from Saucy.

I couldn't make out what she was saying so I called her back.

But aye aye, is because another blogger sent her a text to tell her that AC's boots are in the Sunday Newsday (Section 2 page 12), and Saucy thought I knew about it.

Eh heh? Check me out on St. James main road looking high and low for a Newsday (I doh ever buy dat papers) cause it eh have no link online to the article and cyar find one self (meen realise dey so ahm...popular).

Made the hubby drive downtown late last night and all up in Baratareeuh all looking for the now elusive Sunday Newsday. We eh get none.

Anyhoo, this morning, the ever resourceful Saucy, got her hands on the said paper and found said ummm...'article'.

The article is under "Carnival Health and Safety" and "Getting the Right Fit" and there it is...a picture of my FAB! boots that I did last year.
Click on pic to make larger and read the article.

And of course, no credit to yours truly.
And as matter of fact, the article eh even have one fart to do about boots.

So Newsday, for not giving credit where credit is due, this meggie is for you.
Pic from Facebook group "Forget poking...I'm sending a Meggie!"


Mani said...

But what de jail is this I hearing here? Them stinking people and dem. Actually I'm not too surprised since the Express did this to me once. When I did my post complaining about a question on the Birth Certificate application form, I took a photo of the form and used Gimp to place a bright red asterisk next to the question. Next thing you know, about a month ago I see my photo of the form in the Women's Express, asterisk and all. They didn't even have the decency to remove the bright red asterisk. I don't care if it was a government form. I took the photo of it and so it was my photo.

afro chic said...

Mani boy I went through emotions with this thing.
I was studying but how dey go do an article on meh boots and eh email for no comments or nuttin? Cause I like meh secret identity eh! LOL.

When I saw it, is den I was buh how de ASS dem go just slap my pic in de middle ah dey article?

And now is buhwuhdefiretruck wrong with these so and so newspaper people and de boleface self?

Now is *STEUPS* this shit could only happen in Trinidad yes.

Rich~! said...

F'kn plagiarizers.


You should sue. Or at the very least, send a legal letter.

squeezle said...

Imagine I get all excited when I see the pic in Newsday, then come to find out:

a) the article have nothing to do with the boots.
b) them bastards didn't credit you at all.

DOUBLE MEGGIE for them!!!