Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Soca in Moka 9 - The Aftermath...


Who: Soka in Moka
What: All-Inclusive
Where: Trinity College Grounds, Moka, Maraval
When: New Year’s Day 2007
How much: $400 (Last year: $375)

Despite plans to leave at 6:00pm, the New Year’s Day lime by my aunt was going so sweet, we instead left there just after 7.
Got to Moka at 7:30 and Traffik was already on stage.

TRAFFIK feat. Sherwayne Winchester, Sean Caruth and Keagan Taylor
While I only got to hear the last 15 minutes or so of Traffik’s performance, the little I heard was surprisingly good! A definite improvement from last year.
Sherwayne, Sean and the new addition of Keagan Taylor (Synergy Soca Star – Season 2 runner up) was a good mix and I think I’m actually looking forward to seeing them again just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.
I only have one question: Where Candy?
3.5 throw waist out of five.

ROY CAPE feat. Blaxx, Trini Jacobs and Olatunji “Yip Yip” Yearwood
We breathless WO!

Well just in case you’ve been under a rock or all swamped by Christmas planning or just plain doh have a clue…Blaxx has one of the biggest tunes on the radio right about now...Breathless.
Roy Cape seems to be on an upward move once again with the addition of Olatunji last year and the success of Blaxx’s “Dutty”.
The band sound GOOD. Not good nah, but REAL GOOD.

Mark my words this is the band to watch for 2008.
One question: What purpose does Trini Jacobs serve in that band? That chick look so uninterested in what was going on. And that stiff waist wine…dat nah wuk.
4 throw waist out of 5.


Roy Cape had a guest performer in the form of Iwer George who, despite the repetitiveness of his routine (gimme ah B note…who listening to soca music since dey in dey mother belly), seems to have the crowd umm…entertained.
2 throw waist out of 5.

Is more than time to change that routine Iwer and wear a longer shirt next time please and thanks.

KES THE BAND feat. Kees Diffenthaller and Nadia Batson

Hear nah…The more I hear this band, the more I like them. I have almost gotten over my dislike for Kees. Almost. LOL. Just kidding.
Kes the Band is one of my favorite bands. There I said it.
They sound good, the repertoire is excellent and Nadia Batson is without a doubt, my favorite female soca artist right now.
Question: Why Kees feel he had tuh take off he jersey? Kees…ah just now starting tuh like yuh lil bit…keep on the jersey nah. Please and thanks.
4 throw waist out of 5.

Best band for the night: It was a toss up between Kes the Band and Roy Cape.
I found Kes’ repertoire was better than Roy Cape’s, but Roy Cape’s sounded better musically.


Appetizers: From shrimp cocktails to geera pork to bake and shark to corn soup to Häagen-Dazs ice cream.
It took me a while to find the corn soup, as I was looking at the signs on the tents, but I eventually found it next to the bake and shark.
Main meal: Chinese.
I had a little taste of everything, except the main meal as I had enough to eat earlier on in the day.
There was nothing really spectacular about any of the food, just the normal run of the mill stuff.
3 burps out of 5


The service (provided by B.A.R.S.) this year was not good.
The staff in the bar seemed unable to multitask and could only bring one drink and at time and then you had to remind them what the second drink was.
At one time I asked for an orange juice and 1919 and was told there was no 1919. Then after another visit to the bar some 1919 miraculously appeared.
2.5 glasses out of 5


I normally boast about Moka’s bathroom facilities.
Compared to years gone by, the bathroom area was dirty and not kept tidy at all. There was the usual hand cream and tampons and panty shields and so on, even Bounty tissues, but the bathrooms were still not upkept during the night.
Some of the sinks ran out of water early in the night.
Thank goodness for anti-bacterial hand sanitizer!
And I make the same plea as I did last year. MORE MIRRORS please and thanks.
The little mirrors on the tables were an improvement, but I cyar handle the waiting for a mirror thing.
2.5 flushes out of 5


Eye food for the ladies: Hmmm…ladies I eh know nah. The fete had some nice looking men yes, but not as much as previous years.
Eye food for the men: Men…allyuh was good as usual, plenty nice looking women tuh look at.
3.5 cross eye out of 5

Pics courstesy Afro Chic's FAB! new camera.


Mani said...

Afro Chic gyul, even though I'm not really a feter, I does real like these reviews yuh does give. I remember you saying you didn't care for Kees too much...and just when yuh start to like the boy, he gone nad take of he shirt, lol.

Thanks especially for the gape report, but you gave to "Eye food for the ladies" by mistake I think.

afro chic said...

Oh shoot! Thanks fuh pointing that out Mani ;)

And yeah, Kees was going good until he pull off the jersey a la Machel. :S

Anonymous said...

Afro Chic .... yuh know I was dey .... dat review ..... ORN .... I concur!!!!

afro chic said...

Thanks Anonymous...and I hear people say de party was shitty I wondering if I went to the same party!!