Monday, January 14, 2008


This afternoon after work I made my way to the mas camp to register in De Mang.

Saw the frontline in the mas camp looking absolutely FAB! but was so caught up in trying on my bra, I totally forgot my camera in my bag.

I eventually had to make my way to the section leader's house to try on a bra, belt and I got a chance to view the larger headpiece as well.

I absolutely love the vibe I got from Arlene! Very nice young woman and I discussed my concerns with the bra with her.

The costume on the whole is very heavy with all the bead work on it, but I really like the costume after seeing it up close and personal.

De Mang bra

De Mang belt

The headpiece isn't as FAB! as I had hoped and some more stuff is being added, but as I told Arlene, I'll fix it up as well as other parts of my costume ;)

Arlene's costumes were designed by her and the female costumes were sent to China to be made. The mens' costumes are being made locally.

The place where she sent her costumes to be made also does costumes for Island People, and this was confirmed as ALL of the belts on her costumes had an Island People Mas tag sewn in! So she and her team now have to sit and rip out the tags on the belts.

I hope to go back to the mas camp this weekend to get a pic of the frontline as no pics are available on the internet.

Btw, when you register with De Mang, you get 10% off your costume as well as a free costme with Mudders International! Not bad at all.


saucydiva said...

Yayy!! LMAO at ripping out Island People tags!! madness!! I didn't realise the entire bra and belt is beaded with tiny blue seed beads.. FABULOUS. it looks very detailed but lawd that belt tiny!!

Is that the bigger headpiece? So wait you get a free jouvert package with Mudders ? that is a REAL good deal :D

sexy eyes said...

whoa, i love it... and the head piece is gorgeous!! but the belt really small!!

Megan said...

Good choice AC, but umm, where the rest of your belt?? :P

afro chic said...

Yes saucy...a FREE Costume with Mudders Inc PLUS the 10% off your cosutme!

I love it too sexy eyes...but that headpiece have to get fix up man. LOL.

Megan my belt is there! Can't you see it?