Monday, January 14, 2008

CIC Fete with The Saints – The Aftermath

Who: St. Mary’s College/CIC
What: All-Inclusive
Where: St. Mary’s College, POS
When: Saturday 12th January 2008
Contribution: $425 (Last year: $unknown)

So Saturday evening around 2ish yuh girl heading to the mall to look for something to wear to ONE fete on Sunday, when the hubby’s phone rings.
Next thing yuh know is because we get two comps to go the fete that same evening, so the shopping trip for ONE turned into the shopping trip for two fetes! (I ended up wearing something fro my closet)
Anyhoo…on with the review.
This was my first time ever going to CIC fete and I had little and or no expectations because I had heard this was “an ole man fete”.
Got there and had to walk a mile and a half because we had no idea that the entrance to the fete was on Frederick Street side.

ROY CAPE feat. Blaxx, Trini Jacobs and Olatunji Yearwood
Roy Cape was already on stage when I got there and they were actually finishing up their set and I just caught the last 15minutes of so of their performance.
The only change to their performance was the inclusion of some models in costumes from Trini Revellers who Blaxx brought on stage during his performance of Breathless.
3.5 throw waist out of 5

IWER GEORGE feat. his sons
Somebody has read my blog and told Iwer that I was bored of his same old predictable performances.
The self-proclaimed big man in the business actually changed up his routine a bit (can I get an Amen?) and just came on and started singing his tunes, no setta ole talk.
Joined by his sons on stage, he had the crowd moving and gave us a sample of the dance for his 2008 tune, “Soca Passa Passa.”
We still were asked for the customary “rounds of applause” though.
3.5 throw waist out of 5

Ah hearing yuh yuh know…Skhi? Ski? Sky? Who is dat?
But listen to me…if yuh hear the tune “Desire”, you will know who it is.
Skhi, (pronounced Sky, not his real name), has one of my FAVORITE groovy soca tunes this year. As a matter of fact I am backing him to win groovy soca this year.
The crowd seemed unfamiliar with both him and the tune, but some of us (myself included) did enjoy his performance.
Take a listen to it on and get familiar.
I give Skhi a very biased 4 slow wine out of 5

MACHEL feat. Machel Montano HD (no Xtatik)
Yes, Machel was there but without his band, much to the disappointment of those who were unable to read properly.
The disappointment only lasted for a while though, because Machel had the CIC crowd in a frenzy.
Check out a short clip of him here performing Unconditional Love.
Machel sans Xtatik gets 4 throw waist out of 5

TRAFFIK feat. Sherwayne “new look” Winchester, Sean Caruth and BURR?!
So yuh girl well pose up with her camera aimed at the stage to capture Traffik as they come out, only to be stupefied by the sight of Edwin Charles (formerly of Traffik, who left and formed Triple XXX) who is now back?...with Traffik?
Where Keagan Taylor gone?
Another young man bites the dust in (doh play like allyuh doh remember how Olatunji “left the band” last year)

Anyhoo…I rocked back and took in the band’s performance.
I see Eddie still hasn’t bothered himself with learning the words to other people’s tunes, and Sean actually wore a jacket over a t-shirt.
Oh yeah, did I mention Shurwayne’s “new look”?
The new look in case yuh missed it is that he cut his hair. Big whop.
Undeniably though, Traffik (moreso Shurwayne I think) is a hit with the ladies and I give them a reluctant 3.5 throw waist out of 5.

KES THE BAND feat. Kees Diffenthaller and Nadia Batson
Kees brought his all and more for his alma mater. My girl Nadia’s performance was tops.
The band’s performance was EXCELLENT.
Except for one thing…Kees take off he shirt again.
Kees. We get it…yuh in de gym...ease we up now nah.
Kes the Band gets 4 throw waist out of 5

Mysta Vybe came on with Kes the Band to perform their tune “Wave It Away” (check it out on
Mysta Vybe got the crowd going with a very energetic performance.
My only problem was that he was shouting into the mike and I couldn’t hear him properly. Take a breath Mysta Vybe and we’ll be good to go.
Mysta Vybe gets 3 throw waist out of 5

The food was in the courtyard on Frederic Street side.
Appetizers: The usual geera pork, bake and shark, corn soup and hot wings. Which I didn’t get the opportunity to sample.
Main meal: The main meal consisted of Creole and Chinese, the former having little and or no lines, and the latter having lines for miles while we waited for the chicken to cook.
The fish with the Creole dish was excellent as was the pork with the Chinese dish.
3.5 burps out of 5

With two bars in the main courtyard, and several bars situated in various classrooms, I liked the way CIC made use of their space.
Service was prompt and efficient.
4.5 glasses out of 5

This is the one area I would say CIC needs to improve on. I dunno when last I had to stand up in such a ling line to go to the bathroom.
There were no ‘lull’ times. There was always a line.
And yuh know what? No full length mirrors...not ah one. Just a setta lil face mirrors.
CIC fix that, please and thanks.
1 flush out of 5

Ladies, this is a fete for us.
Plenty men. Old men, young men, all kinda men.
Nice looking not dressed overly metro men.
4 cross eye out of 5.

Fellas, is a hard luck this round yes cause I was tres busy gaping.
I will look out for you in my next fete.


Mystique said...

Girl, I went back for more fish and it was done. It was beautiful. They said it was fried, then baked in tamarind sauce. I just not sure what kind of fish it was. And I agree on the eye candy for ladies. I was tres impressed.

afro chic said...

Dat fish REAL lash Mystique!

And the eye food was tops ;)

.M. said...

It would be a understatement to say I enjoy reading yuh event reviews.
Real,real boss!